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Self-Expression or Self-Involvement :: Leo Super Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse


Sunday, January 20 & Monday, January 21

9:16 p.m. PT and 12:16 a.m. ET

  • Conjunct North Node (what makes it an eclipse)😊

  • Trine Chiron

  • Square Uranus

Full Moon Name: Full Wolf Moon, Snow Moon

Keywords & Themes: Pride, vitality, confidence, drama, performer, individuation, identity, potential, center of attention, self-expression, hero, heroine, queen, king, romantic, self-involved


Collective (un)conscious:

The lunar eclipse/super moon/full moon in Leo (phew, that is a lot of descriptors) on January 20 PT and January 21 ET continues the accelerated astrological energies of 2019. This second eclipse in the series from with the solar eclipse on January 5, will be visible from North and South America, Europe, and Western Africa. Though Earth casts its shadow on the moon for several hours, the maximum eclipse hour is 9:12 p.m. on Saturday for Pacific Coast and 12:12 a.m. for East Coast. The moon is “super” because it is closest to the Earth and looks magnified or larger than usual.

Like all signs, Leo has both its shadow (insert eclipse joke here) and elevated expressions, though with a full moon and eclipse we often tap into the unconscious more difficult sides. We not feel heard or seen or struggle with wanting external confirmation instead of cultivating inner confidence. Leo energy reminds us that we feel the most self-involved with the places we feel the most insecure.

Leo navigates the very human question of what constitutes a “healthy ego,” one that is confident, but not overly self-involved. In its most beautiful expressions, it is playful and creative and when in its shadow side can be emotionally self-involved or dramatic. In its most shiny self, Leo shows us what lights us up or sparks excitement. It reminds us to stay centered in ourselves while still staying present with others.

What makes this an eclipse is that the North and South Node are next to the Sun and Moon. However, in this cases the North Node is with the Moon suggesting we are moving more towards this inquiry of self-expression and insecurity rather than away from it. The out-of-sign trine to Chiron suggests a healing or activation of the possible shadow parts of Leo.

One way to work with this eclipse is to actually watch it and experience the dance of light and dark in the cosmos. It could also be helpful to spend time with your own chart and look for what degree 0 degrees or 1 degree Leo occurs and which planets it comes into contact with. However, most importantly this eclipse continues a cycle of growth from the previous two weeks that ends with the next lunar phase and the New Moon February 5. The current Jupiter-Neptune square also adds a sense of illusion or magic, depending on your relationship to both these planets.


Individual Integration:

Our lunar self is most active during the full moon, attune to your moon with these suggestions:

Fire Sign Moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) :: As this full moon activates the Fire grand trine of fire signs, this could be an energizing or clarifying full moon to you. Watch for fire sign tendency of self-absorption.

Earth Sign Moon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) :: The fiery Leo energy may feel a bit too fast for Earth sign desire for slowing down and intention. Revisit what aspect of yourself craves the spotlight and may feel unrecognized.

Air Sign Moon (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) :: Utilize the Leo energies for your own creativity and curiosity about what lights you up as well as how to align more with the speeding up and activation of this eclipse.

Water Sign Moon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) :: You may feel a bit washed out with this fire eclipse, though thank goodness the North Node in Cancer may keep some flow. Water often wants to hide, what pieces of you can be shed to step more fully into the Sun?

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