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Ambition & Action :: Aries New Moon


Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 1:51 a.m. PT/4:51 a.m. ET/8:51 a.m. UTC

*Trine Ceres

New Moon, New Habit: Start the day with five minutes of movement.

Aries wants to be inspired and have a clear goal to go after. Honor your desire for direction by connecting frequently and more deeply with your top goals. The helpful trine with Ceres offers a self-care boost to keep us on track.


Collective unConscious:

The new moon in Aries can often give us a much needed boost when we may feel a bit adrift after so much Pisces energy, and Mercury Retrograde.;) As the first sign of the zodiac, it initiates and undertakes...though may not always be so good at completion.;) A playful sign, Aries has a youthful energy while being very serious about getting things done and staying up to speed. While the elevated expression of Aries offers enthusiasm and excitement, the shadow side reveals itself through arrogance or agitation. My own Aries moon reminds me that there is a low-level annoyance with most things and the restless subsides through physical movement or getting back on track.

The trine to Ceres, as the asteroid of self-care and self-nurturing reminds us that momentum is great, but not at the expense of staying attuned to our needs. Aries energy with the Moon may skip over emotions or feelings, or physical needs as a way of staying productive...could be best to slow down before speeding up during this next lunar phase.

Individual Integration:

Here are some suggestions for keeping the momentum going this Aries lunar cycle:

  • High energy exercise such as kickboxing or running, though be warned Saturn could make you fe! Or, find inspirational activities that keep your brain humming.

  • Focus on some sort of practice for sitting with difficult emotions or anger, as often Aries may want to run away from discomfort or instead blow off steam more aggressively.

  • Anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric and ginger may be beneficial.

  • Wear red or orange, something with a spring feel that also adds fiery edge.

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