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Ideals & Inflation :: Sagittarius Full Moon


Monday, June 17 @ 1:31 a.m. PT/4:31 a.m. ET * Trine Eris * Conjunct Jupiter

* Square Neptune

Plant Partners: Astragalus, Tulsi, Reishi

Keywords & Themes: Optimism, faith, religion, hopefulness, morality and ideals, humanitarian, altruism, grandeur, philosophy, blessings, spiritual joy, religious pilgrimages, travel, adventure, inflation, god Zeus, expansion, truth

Collective unConscious:

Sagittarius may be best known for larger-than-life tendencies and ideals, though it comes with a high price of sometimes moral righteousness or climbing ungrounded exploration. It's energies remind us of our quest for truth and expansion on the Earthly plane and the desire of meaningfulness in our lives. Sometimes it reveals itself as humanitarian impulses or delusions of grandeur. It rules religion and spirituality lifting us out of the heaviness of being human. Something I could certainly use right now, though am dubious of the slightly emotional bypassing nature of Sag.;)

This full moon sits a bit wide on the throne with Jupiter, its ruler, though my eyes are most pulled towards the trine with Eris. Eris in this harmonious dynamic suggests a hopefulness towards peace with those who seem to be enemies. Opposite the Sun in Gemini we may become aware of two sides of "truth" and that ours may not necessarily be the only way to see straight.

The Jupiter square Neptune planetary tension brings about questions of what is spiritual and sacred and perhaps misguided idealism or righteousness. With this full moon be on the look out for illusions and inflation while keeping an eye on your vision of ideals and could be just what our world needs right now.

Individual Integration: Physical // Hiking or mountain climbing, Sag loves to go higher

Intellectual // Read favorite philosophy or morality books, my favs are Alfred North Whitehead and enchanted Plato

Emotional // Feelings may feel larger than life, so be it

Astro Eye: Jupiter square Neptune :: Elevated sense of sacred v. misguided idealism

Saturn and Pluto opposite Mars and Mercury with the Nodes :: Too many things to even begin to building from below, uncovering of secrets, anger, or clearing of past dynamics

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