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Solitude & Slowdown :: Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse


Full moon Capricorn partial eclipse

Tuesday, July 16 @ 2:38 p.m. PDT/5:38 p.m. EDT/9:38 p.m. UTC

  • Square Eris

  • Conjunct Pluto

  • Trine Sedna


Plant Partners: Bonsai, Thyme, Magnolia, Ivy, Pansy, violet, cypress

Possible Themes: structure, security control, scarcity, fear, constraint, stability, pessimism, history, the past, grounded, solitude, crone, senex, reputation, vocation, status, responsibility, hard work, hermit, authority, tradition

Collective unconscious:

The second in the series of this eclipse season carries from the new moon on July 2 and is visible from South America, Australia, Africa, parts of Europe and Asia. Capricorn energies remind us of our separateness from each other and the world around us, and in this way can be prone to loneliness or overly self-sufficient. As an earth sign, it keeps our feet on the ground, but can sometimes get a little too caught up in one version of “reality” and get stuck. Shadow sides of Capricorn energies exert their influence over us through fear, sense of constraint, or over working. In its most wise expression, we feel stability and security in ourselves and the world around us. It connects us to the archetypes of the wise woman or crone and with it those who have a connection to the past, such as ancestors and family roots...and karma.

This is a South Node eclipse meaning the moon is next to the South Node, a theme of looking to the past for clearing the present. More time in solitude or quiet is a way to honor this zodiac sign though beware the Capricorn trap of thinking we don’t need or can't rely on others or are in in by ourselves. Emotional authority becomes a way honor boundaries with others as well as cultivating the wisdom inherent with this sign.

This Full moon sits next to the planet/not planet Pluto which may cause quite a stir in our emotional realm. While Capricorn contains, Pluto erupts and we may feel a release or emotional purge with this combination. The square to dwarf planet Eris alerts us that there could be an enemy in the works, or an outsider we are making wrong.

This same day is Pluto goes opposite Venus and could bring about intensity or uncovering something in relating that needed to come to the surface. Utilize this eclipse power portal by going deeper into the places of feeling lonely and honoring your own desire for solitude or slowing down.

Individual Integration:

Body: Feet on bare Earth or foods that ground and root.

Mind: Read or watch historical documentaries or business mindset videos.

Spirit: Time in solitude, perhaps in forest/redwoods, or other quiet places.

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