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Originality & the Outsider :: Aquarius Full Moon


Thursday, August 15 @ 5:28 a.m. PT/8:28 a.m. ET/12:28 p.m. UT

  • Opposite Venus

  • Square Vesta

  • Sextile Eris

Plant Partners: Orchid, valerian root, birds of paradise

Keywords/themes: Originality, impulse, sudden change, radical energy, divine mind, intuition, rebel, eccentricity, innovation, freedom, epiphany, defiance of authority, service to humanity, radical expression, quirky, misfit, inventor, mad scientist, groups, aspirations, possibilities

Collective Unconscious:

Something’s fishy about this full moon…probably because it is called the Sturgeon Moon, or it could just be Aquarius itself. Aquarius is known for its aloof nature that could be hiding how weird it actually is.

Aquarius full moon invites us into the need for novelty and excitement. Boredom and restlessness rule the game. Lone wolf complexes or thinking so much about the future we miss today. The Aquarian ruler of Uranus recently entered retrograde with a reboot on themes related to community, collective concern, or activism. Aquarius tends to think it is the most creative, first one to come up with something or say it.

This full moon sits opposite the Venus and Sun conjunction in Leo, a lion-hearted love and romantic combination, very different from the sometimes overly independent Aquarius. The tension pulls us into the extremes of connection and intimacy or setting out alone. Adventure or shaking up our routines would be healthy way to explore this energy or it could reveal itself in nervousness or fear of the unknown.

The tension with the asteroid Vesta suggests confusion around where to put our sacred flame energy. It may push us to find new ways to direct the fire within towards something more meaningful for the collective.

Individual Integration:

The Leo and Aquarius polarity attempts to balance the needs of the self with the collective. This full moon would be an ideal time for making art, owning your originality, or harnessing your creative powers in a new way.

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