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Compassion & Confusion :: Pisces New Moon


Sunday, February 23, 2020 @ 7:32 a.m. PT/10:32 a.m. ET/3:32 p.m. UTC

*Conjunct retrograde Mercury

*Sextile Mars

*Sextile South Node

*Trine North Node

*Square Hygiea

New Moon, New Habit: Designate only certain days for TV/Movie/Netflix or certain times of day for social media or Internet time..Pisces has a tendency to disassociate or escape and with so much of it right now we could be more likely in Never Never Land.

Keywords/Themes/Unconscious needs: Imagination, unity, return to source, dreams, universal love, spirituality, escapism, dissolve, mystical experiences, transcend, visionary, compassion, artistic, dance, cinema, photography, visionary, magical, ego dissolution, divine connection, confused, overwhelmed, merge, lost at sea, prophet, victim, martyr, puer/puella, enlightenment


Collective unConscious:

The new moon in Pisces can put us in a bit of a dreamstate and with retrograding Mercury our brain may feel a bit like mush. The Pisces lunar phase offers us insight into where we project, fantasize or may be a bit out of touch with reality. Likewise it may reveal new ways for us to open ourselves up to more compassion or intuition. For fellow highly sensitive people and empaths we may seek new tools for dealing with overwhelm...I am certainly in the midst of that and eager to share when I've learned more!

The elevated Pisces energy connects us to imagination, unconditional love and our dreams, while more shadow expressions may move through us with addiction, indecision, or delusion. Pisces and Neptune in my own chart can show up as feeling a bit lost and swept out to sea while following flows that aren't my own. Conjuncting Mercury in retrograde suggests a highly intuitive time as well as moving us more towards our collective North Node of emotions (Cancer) versus defenses (Capricorn). New Moon squaring Hygiea may bring up health issues associated with permeability such as stress, anxiety, immunity, etc. so now is the time to focus on relaxation.

Individual Integration:

Here are some suggestions for keeping harness intuition during lunar cycle and the infamous Mercury Retrograde:

  • Reorganize closets, cabinets, drawers, or anywhere in the home that feels cluttered to cut out possible anxiety stressors

  • Keep a better record of intuitive hits or dreams, keep a journal or recorder near your bed to make it easy.

  • Review emails and other communication more closely

  • Reconnect to intuition through meditation or more time in solitude

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