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Saturn into Aquarius and Evolving Reality


On Saturday, March 21 at 8:58 p.m. PT/11:58 p.m. ET Saturn moves into Aquarius perhaps reminding us of the evolving reality here on Earth. Then on July 1, it moves back into Capricorn, offering a few month glimpse of what's to come. While a post-pandemic world may not exist yet, we can envision it, hopefully collectively. It orients us to what's possible in the future whereas Saturn in Capricorn brings about a sense of scarcity and hoarding mentality (hello TP and sanitizer). Aquarius concerns itself with community and humankind rather than the more individualistic and patriarchal, outdated Capricorn concept of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.

From July through December 17, 2020 we will be building a new reality together. Now the hard work can begin and to dream big. But first, grief. Saturn connects us to sadness, isolation, and loneliness, and we must feel the loss of our changing reality in order for something new to be birthed. Aquarius' shadow can be avoiding Earthly reality for something beyond. We're entering a New Age, but we have to do with the old in mind.

While Saturn was in Capricorn we started to pay our dues for leaning so far into structure and hierarchy (aka patriarchy) that we may have lost our humanity and sense of community (Aquarius). We need to take responsibility for the ways we have hurt the Earth, followed a false form of money as capitalism, and elevate the elders. It's time to acknowledge that what we've created is unsustainable and it must evolve.

Saturn and Capricorn judge reality by the senses, whereas Aquarius knows anything can be made real or manifested. It's the sign of entrepreneurs, investors, and aliens from the future--my favorite type. We don't know what the future holds, but it's time to build a new one together.

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