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Burn it Down to Build it up: Aries New Moon


"As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin."-Pablo Neruda

March 24, 2020 @ 2:28 a.m. PT/5:28 a.m. ET

*conjunct Chiron

*conjunct Black Moon Lilith

*squaring South Node and North Node

Keywords: Inspiration, independence, protector, warrior, action-oriented, self, ambition, samurai, action, will, achievement, yang, violence, movement, competition

Elevated Expressions: Enthusiasm, ambition, optimistic, passionate, process emotions quickly, courageous

Detrimental/Shadow Expressions: Bored easily, dominating, compulsive, annoyed or agitated easily, impatient


I feel as though I'm on fire right now, and no it isn't a fever, I'm angry. I want to burn it all down (Aries) and then build it up with a new vision, one informed by Saturn in Aquarius. And I'm grateful to this new moon for reminding me. Aries energy reminds us of our passion and excitement, what we yearn for and care about...our anger gives us clues. Clues to what we need to heal, and with Chiron, the ultimate healer and keeper of our wounds, next to this new moon we can find the depth in our triggers.

This new moon also calls us into leadership, a version that integrates nurturing and structure and honors the last few months of the lunar nodes in Cancer and Capricorn. The square to nodes challenges us to see the tension in ourselves between where we're going (north node) and where we've been (south node). Collectively we're navigating a shift towards emotional intelligence and empathy.

Conjunct Black Moon Lilith, we bump up against the part of us that doesn't want to play by the rules, even if it is for our own good. BML encourages us to break free and find our wildness in new pastures where we can be ourselves in a new way.

Questions to consider:

  • What makes me angry and triggers me?

  • Where do I play nice so as not upset others?

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