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Collective Co-evolution :: Aquarius Full Moon

art by of.earthandlight

This year's Aquarius Full Moon occurs on Monday, August 3 @ 8:59 a.m. PT/11:59 a.m. ET. Aquarius connects us to the radical, the revolutionary, and the new--a fitting theme for this current collective catapulting into the unknown.

The impulse for something new both personally and collectively strikes at just the right time and be on alert for sudden inspiration. Aquarius asks us to evolve at all costs and take a leap into potential.

This full moon creates tension with Aquarius' modern-day ruler Uranus and offers us the chance to channel our emotions into creativity and the emergence of something new. While Aquarius craves doing things alone and often wanders into lone wolf territory, the trine with Juno suggests the need for collaboration and partnership. The sextile to Chiron perhaps offering healing in the individualistic mentality and opening us to a broader view.

And all of this before the Uranus retrograde on August 15, a time of activating our inner activist or rethinking our sense of community.

Questions to consider: -What are my gifts to offer the collective? -Where and how do I resist change? -Do my current relationships offer a mutual sense of evolving? -How can I open myself more to potential and what could be?

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