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Mending & Moving :: Aries Full Moon


I haven't posted every full moon as I often feel like the Interwebs are filled with posts about the moon cycles and I don't know that I feel I have something particular to offer. However, this full moon in Aries has certainly given me some rare momentum, so I am running with it.;)

Astrologically it is a big week...Saturn started moving forward again after five months in retrograde motion and has been in tension with retrograding Mars. Trump's tax returns being released are a perfect example of the Saturn authority and structure and the secrets/manipulation and taxes represented by the proximity to Pluto. The harsh angle of retrograding Mars could mean anger or a delay in action.

Pluto also comes out of retrograde this week on Sunday, October 4, and can be a great time to reflect on what has been uncovered the past six months. It has pushed our thoughts on power and perhaps even drudged up skeletons from the closet or ocean...

Of course, the shining star of this week is the Aries full moon on Thursday October 1 at 2:05 p.m. PT/5:05 p.m. ET. This lovely Luna sits next to Chiron and in trine with the asteroid Hygiea for a deep movement to our mending. And this fiery fueled moon mirrors the wildfire skies here in California where I live. The ruler of Aries, Mars, continues its retrograde motion slowing down and revisiting places of frustration or perhaps shifting our ability to relate to it. (Um, also passive aggressive tendencies may be high, certainly seen that in myself);)

In its most magical expression Aries energy gives us ambition, passion, and inspiration. It ignites enthusiasm and independence that can make way for major momentum. Since the full moon can often highlight the shadow side of our emotional realm, we can notice Aries in annoyance or domination tendencies. Perhaps we are more impatient or compulsive with orientation towards instant gratification.

The tight conjunction with Chiron can bring up insecurity or the sense of feeling wronged. I often notice Chiron with the moon in cases of more introverted narcissism where the self gets very collapsed rather than pushing out. Though Aries may put up it's best defenses of anger or quick to fight. When we work with the contraction of Chiron we often untangle a deep need or wound that needs our care. In the myth of Chiron, his pain becomes unbearable, yet as humans I see it as our Golden Shadow guiding us into our greatest gifts.

The harmonious and hopefully helpful trine to the asteroid Hygiea suggests another type of healing, one focused on prevention and getting down to the basics. Our word "hygiene" comes from Hygiea as she teaches us about our health and well-being. We heal with Chiron and we tend and mend to our physical ailments with Hygiea...together we get the best of both worlds and with the help from Aries, enough movement to keep us inspired.

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