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Taurus Full Moon Craves Community Connections & Simple Peaceful Pleasures

Saturday, October 31 @ 7:49 a.m. PT/ 10:49 a.m. ET

Conjunct Uranus

Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

Square Hygiea

Opposite Astraea

Opposite Juno


I've typed the words "weird" and "witchy" more times than I can count the past few days, but I can't think of other words. This moon just feels odd, I'm even wearing a shirt that says "Strange. But Not a Stranger." And I don't feel emotional, but instead very creative and content...thanks to Taurus and Uranus mélange in the sky. It's also a Blue Moon, though not by traditional standards and it isn't an astrological I won't say much about that. But you can read more here.

Taurus energies crave sweetness and beauty, with some Earthy sensuality thrown in for good measure. It activates our desire for connection to ourselves, others, but also simple pleasures of being human. The shadow side of Taurus can be indulgence, materialistic, or bull-headedness. All things to notice during this full moon, as well as the ways our needs for connection may or may not be met during a time of pandemic and increased isolation.

All of the swirling archetypal influences could make this sweetness more difficult or less obvious...the conjunction to Uranus is a doozy. This planet shakes up and can add a touch of weird to the stability Taurus often craves. Witchiness points added as well for Black Moon Lilith sitting nearby and across from my favorite asteroid Astraea of peace and harmony. The polarity of nice and intensity seems every more present with people pleasing Taurus, intensity seeking Scorpio with nice asteroid Astraea, aloof Uranus, and wild child Lilith. Full moons and oppositions help us integrate parts of us that may seem steeped in duality. This full moon is no exception.

The square and tension to Hygiea could be operating in the mode of wanting to enjoy pleasure at the expense of our health. Something certainly common with so much candy around and finding our own ways to find emotional well-being while staying true to what our "soft animal body" needs. (A Mary Oliver excerpt with very Taurus energy.);)

Whether you feel connected or lonely this full moon is ready to wake (Uranus) something up...and if we're lucky prepare us for being more united and peaceful (thanks Astraea)


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