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Cosmicopia: 2022 Burning Man Astrology Transit Guide

It seems like everyone and their mother plans to attend Burning Man this year — except for me. For all of you in prep mode…this one’s for you. I will miss seeing you and looking forward to the Bay Area being a bit quieter and having more empty parking spaces and dinner reservations.

While I don't consider myself a "Burner" per se, I did go to Burning Man two years around 10 years ago and was a founding member of the first BM astrology camp--Cosmicopia.;) This year since Cosmicopia isn't happening and I won't be during any astrology readings on the playa--or working at the kissing booth--wanted to offer an overview of the transits for the week. Perhaps this can help plan or coordinate daily focus for unleashing the most magic.

I don't like to use astrology for predictions, but instead to work with themes and align with the cosmos more intentionally. And this week's transits give some pretty clear direction on where to focus energies...Like all transits knowing your natal chart is the key to discerning what might apply to you the most. That being said, here is what I spy with my archetypal eye for this year's Burn:

  • Sunday, August 28 :: Gates open // Moon in Virgo opposite Juno and Astraea and Neptune // Virgo's orderly nature, suggests an efficient entry (fingers crossed). The opposition to the asteroids Juno and Astraea in Pisces may offer an opportunity for magical meetings. With Neptune, we can enter a portal or merged state, though the shadow side could be disassociation.

  • Monday, August 29 // Moon moves into Libra early in the morning conjuncting Mercury // A day for getting set up, taking it easy with relaxing Libra and connecting with campmates or other Burners.

  • Tuesday, August 30 // Moon opposite Chiron and squaring Black Moon Lilith // The transformational energy of the week begins its build on this day with Moon across from Chiron perhaps activating tender places ready for healing. The square to Black Moon Lilith evokes the wild and primal elements of the playa--my favorite part.;)

  • Wednesday, August 31 // South Node conjunct Hygiea and Moon moves into Scorpio // Staying healthy and listening to the body are the themes of Hygiea. Be sure to do the basics such as sleep, hydrate, and nourishing. The Moon's movement into Scorpio heightens the transformation and rebirth theme of the Burn. What I believe is the most powerful day of the Burn for 2022.

  • Friday, September 2 // Mercury opposite Jupiter and Moon moves into Sagittarius // As the moon shifts into Sagittarius, we may feel more heart-opening and exploration. The sign of celebration, perfect for the weekend energy and the Mercury aspect to Jupiter increases the sense of joy, particularly in communication.

  • Saturday, September 3 :: Man Burns // Moon in Sagittarius squaring Neptune // Themes of fun and optimism and ease, of course, the Burn isn't without some rebirth, the clarity may come on this day with fun, though with Neptune still watching for disassociative tendencies.

  • Sunday, September 4 :: Temple Burn // Moon moves into Capricorn // Just in time for the Temple Burn, the moon moves into somber and quiet Capricorn to slow down the energy and create more of a reflective mood. A day aligned with perhaps some intentional solitude and deep playa time once it cools down.


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