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Desire & Death: Scorpio Full Moon & Pluto Retrograde

"Like moths to flame" describes an attraction or desire for something that ultimate becomes self-nihilating, and in the case of the winged night creature...death. For years scientists have debated why moths follow the light--or lamp--believing their navigation systems had become confused with modern technology. Others though it had to do with male moths following a female signal for mating. It seems for moths their desire for sex or direction causes destruction.

So too can perhaps be compared to Scorpio, and it's modern day ruler Pluto. Scorpio, as the primordial force of life, impels evolution and transformation with its raw power. Like the "Id" of Freud it's instinctual, psychic energy of our unconscious and an unwavering need for gratification. While in French, an orgasm is a "tiny death," pleasure may be our guiding light.

With the Scorpio full moon we may find ourselves pulled towards something whether it arises from the depths or has been sitting there intensifying over time. Like a volcano, this sign needs to release and transform. In its more difficult aspects it is secretive, intense, resentful, shaming, or guilty and with integration and awareness provides the pure, raw power of vulnerability, surrender, and profound rebirth and transformation. With Moon-Pluto or Scorpio Moon the emotions may feel so overwhelming we want to hide them for fear of their force. Emotions in this way often serve as pressure cooker for our upheaval and regeneration. Scorpio asks us to shed and continue shedding until we can become unrecognizable in our rebirth. It seeks power and to unveil the shadow of what we want to hide.

This full moon sits across from Uranus evoking restlessness and a focus on the future. We may notice our nervous systems having a difficult time settling down or sparking something new. The tension square to Saturn may pull us into reality or help us face where we need to stay grounded. Lastly, the square to Hygiea could bring up health concerns or refocus us onto what we need to do to take better care of ourselves.

I don't know if anything is as vulnerable as desire, we risk everything--and our lives. Desire is unknown, the mystery of the soul's yearnings may bring us face-to-face with parts of ourselves we aren't yet ready to meet or that which ultimately destroys us. And yet there may not be anything more beautiful.


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