Enchanted and rEvolutionary wisdom for witches, wild women, & wolves.

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Astrology integrating depth psychology
& archetypes of the soul.
Appreciation and awe for the most beautiful planet in our solar system.
In-depth natal chart readings for soul-care, self-care, & life purpose.

Musings about astrology, psychology, etymology, mythology, witchiness, wildness, & wolves.

Loneliness, Tribe, and the Beauty/Pain of Not Belonging

One day in 4th grade two girls told the entire class to ignore me and pretend I didn't exist. I remembering wandering from person to person at lunch and on the playground looking for someone to talk to without any response. I felt like a ghost who didn’t exist, let alone belong. Up until then I began to think not belonging was all in my head, but then the reality of being completely excluded couldn't be ignored. I will never forget that day as long as I live as it exemplified for me the life-time feeling of not being seen and feeling invisible that still haunts me to this day. I remember looking in the mirror having a mini-existential crisis about feeling I wasn't supposed to be here on Eart

Sacred Healing & Feeling :: Cancer Full Moon

Thursday, January 12 3:34 a.m. PST/6:34 a.m. EST 22 deg Cancer Moon conjunct Vesta Grand cross Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus/Eris/Ceres Moon trine Chiron & Mars Moon opposite Sun conjunct Pluto As I type this I am in bed where I have spent most of my day and one of my dearest friends is in labor--I can't think of a more perfect way to honor this full moon. I am definitely in my Cancerian self-care and hermit mode and am slowing down enough to feel and get cozy. While I attempt to send my newsletters 24 hours before the full moon, I am definitely lagging this month and have only my bed to blame. cancer full moon While this full moon is in watery, ocean-like Cancer, it is conjunct Vesta th

About Me

Hi, I'm Rebecca (aka Wild Witch of the West), a San Francisco-based archetypal astrologer and writer.  For more than a decade I've been deep diving in the astrology world helping clients connect more to their life purpose and their soul. Pre-astro geek and coming out of the "broom" closet, I received my Master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness and wrote my thesis on the human connection to the stars. I offer individual and group astrology readings.


"Rebecca is amazing, hands down - you won't be disappointed in seeing her! She's warm, wise, witchy and intuitive, while also managing to be  practical and straightforward with a grounded energy that immediately puts you at ease.

I've never met anyone with such detailed knowledge of astrology, but the magic of Rebecca's readings is in combining astrological archetypal themes with a profound understanding of human nature. The themes she brought forward in my natal chart reading were spot on, and some nearly moved me to tears, long-buried hopes and dreams that I haven't dared to think about in quite some time.

I came away from our session with much more insight into myself, and some ideas that I'll be marinating on for months to come."

-Rachael H., San Francisco, CA






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