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Sacred Healing & Feeling :: Cancer Full Moon


Thursday, January 12 3:34 a.m. PST/6:34 a.m. EST 22 deg Cancer

Moon conjunct Vesta Grand cross Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus/Eris/Ceres Moon trine Chiron & Mars Moon opposite Sun conjunct Pluto

As I type this I am in bed where I have spent most of my day and one of my dearest friends is in labor--I can't think of a more perfect way to honor this full moon. I am definitely in my Cancerian self-care and hermit mode and am slowing down enough to feel and get cozy. While I attempt to send my newsletters 24 hours before the full moon, I am definitely lagging this month and have only my bed to blame. cancer full moon

While this full moon is in watery, ocean-like Cancer, it is conjunct Vesta the sacred goddess of the flame. Vesta recently moved into Cancer and wants us to make the mundane sacred through ritual, which is perhaps why I spent the last few days obsessively lighting candles and pulling tarot cards. Perhaps more importantly the moon is in a grand cross meaning it is in a quadruple square with Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus/Eris/Ceres in fiery Aries. This combination expands the Uranian powers of freedom, restlessness, and revolution and adds more of a spark of awakening.

The Sun with Pluto opposite the full moon offers the reminder of the transformational power of our emotional field and the ability to go into our darkness. While the trine with Chiron and Mars create support around healing anger or resentment. This has been the theme for me a lot lately understanding the ways I avoid my anger and the resentment it festers.

However you honored the full moon, it pulls us into relating to our emotions and beckons us into the flow of feeling and healing...some of the most sacred work we can do.

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