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Money, Moon, & You


Unlike the way we normally think of astrology focused mostly on the placement of the sun, it can be used in a much broader context and serve as a powerful tool for self-awareness. As with mythology and psychology, astrology looks at the world of symbols and the unconscious for patterns of behavior. These patterns range from relationship, identities, career paths, and even how we spend money. In astrology, the moon represents not only the archetypal mother and our emotions but also our unconscious behaviors and needs. For this reason understanding our money patterns often show up in our birth chart with our moon sign. On the opposite side of the spectrum is our sun, which represents what we “shine” outward and also what energizes us. I’ve noticed the things that energize me are also where I tend to spend the most money. I notice among clients that understanding the moon sign is often where the most growth occurs. (If you don’t know your Moon sign, simple Google search can give a free chart look up or see an astrologer.) While I’ve read a bazillion (okay, more like 10–15) books about finances and even taken several weekend-long workshops about money, it didn’t feel as simple as I felt the education tools wanted me to believe. While many of us know there are unconscious ways we interact with money, I wanted to know my individual patterns…astrology helped me with that. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~Jung Of interesting note, the word money comes from “Juno Moneta,” (Hera in Greek mythology) Jupiter’s wife. In ancient Rome the mint was built across from Juno’s temple and her face was on the first currency. Right now the Moon in Taurus brings concerns of stability and worth and is almost exactly opposite the asteroid Juno who represents our motivating forces for being in partnership (romantic or business). In my chart the moon and sun come into contact with every planet so I knew it would be complex. Each planet has many potential ways of expressing itself and I like to them of each one as having a spectrum of ways it may show up ranging from more positive to detrimental. Here are some patterns of the signs and how they may manifest with money and abundance, I welcome your thoughts as it may show up differently for you (Based on work by Deborah Price and Elizabeth Husserl):

  • Aries Moon/Sun , Mars in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Compulsive, Short-term Gratification Aries loves to take action and lends itself often to compulsive purchases without the long-term in mind. This combination is ambitious and tends to work until the point of exhaustion to make money. More drawn to path of entrepreneurship and working alone.

  • Taurus Moon/Sun, Libra Moon/Sun, Venus in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Martyr complex, People pleasing, Difficulty receiving, Overspending, Pleasure seeker Venus is closely related to worth and other matters. It often has inability to receive in general could translate into being unable to receive money or abundance. This could also show up as a love of the finer things and being an over spender (this is all my Taurus Sun talking and my moon with Venus). The positive expression is that it’s generous and often wants to treat others or offer other acts of service in honor of abundance.

· Gemini Sun/Moon, Virgo Sun/Moon, Mercury in aspect to Sun or Moon, Themes: Impulsive, Ungrounded, Optimistic Mercury is a fast moving, light on feet type who wants to float about. It is full of ideas about how to make money and often has a variety of different sources of income or jobs. Tends to be compulsive and pulled in many directions as once with a desire for novelty. · Cancer Moon/Sun, Sun in relationship to Moon Themes: Security, Emotional, Safety Those with a lot of Cancer energy tend to make emotional purchases such as buying things or large meals when they are sad. They are resourceful and crave security and buying a home may be of utmost importance in financial matters. Business matters and spending may be directed by their intuition and allow money to flow easily. · Leo Moon/Sun, Moon in relationship to Sun Themes: Flashy, Dramatic, Indulgence Leo is the king of the zodiac and therefore enjoys the finer things in life and wanting to be the center of attention. They need to feel appreciated and powerful. Lessons on money revolve around feeling generous without over indulging.

  • Virgo Sun/Moon, Chiron with Moon/Sun Themes: Savior and Victim, Blame Spends money as the most emotional response and blames others for financial situation. Attachment to patterns and wounds that continue to be financially unsuccessful. Often trapped in the past about and feels powerless.

Scorpio Sun/Moon, Pluto in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Magician/Alchemist Easily manifests money when sets and intention. Prone to shame or also a tight desire for control. Money tends to come easily and trusts the creativity of the material world, as well as the process. · Sagittarius Moon/Sun, Jupiter in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Luxury lover, Over the top, Gambler Those with lots of Jupiter in their chart often believe in the abundance of the universe and that I should always have it. Similar to Leo (Jupiter has a lot of kingly energy as well). Tends to overdo things, such as an appetizer, dinner, drinks, and dessert with every meal. Financially irresponsible, prone to gambling and doesn’t take money seriously, more of a game.

· Capricorn Sun/Moon, Saturn in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Fearful or insecure, controlling Saturn often makes things feels scarce or breeds judgment and fear around finances. Saturn believes you have to “work hard” for everything and sometimes uses money to control people. Doesn’t trust life to provide, rarely feels fulfillment. Prone to materialistic, chronic not enoughness. · Aquarius Sun/Moon, Uranus in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Creator/Artist Love/Hate relationship to money. Loves freedom, but little desire to participate in material realm, rarely has savings, find it difficult to live in material world. Inability to come to terms with need for money. · Pisces Moon/Sun, Neptune in aspect to Sun or Moon Themes: Naivety or the Innocent This combination becomes easily overwhelmed with financial advice or information and is usually financial dependent. This innocence about financial matters cultivates a lot of anxiety and often feels powerless over circumstances. It’s brilliance is in openness and a romantic trusting of the universe. While these descriptions are broad, they serve as general patterns and every chart is different. Astrology isn’t a scapegoat for blaming the stars and planets on your money issues, it is a great place to begin examining unconscious (and conscious) beliefs that may be impacting your relationship to it. Looking at my initial reaction and anxiety to money makes it more obvious now which emotions came up the strongest and also which archetypes/planets require the most healing and integration.


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