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Saturn & Vertex: Soulmate, Karmic, and Fated Relationships


I often describe the astrological natal birth chart as the “unique soul blueprint” for understanding the lessons and evolutionary process of someone in their lifetime. To me the soul is our individual breath of spirit (soul comes from word “psyche” from Proto-Indo-European *bhes- meaning “to blow, or breath), as the part of us that stays the same throughout different incarnations. With this understanding I don’t believe everything is fated, but I do believe inevitably we will meet certain people and situations on our path that guide us more into our fullest potential. Our free will determining whether or not we choose to listen or participate in that evolutionary process and how we can also interact with actions from our past or present lives that impact karma. Karma comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *kwer meaning “to make, form.” This is the realm of Saturn, it rules matter itself and the bones, the very part of our body that gives us form, without it, our skeletal system we would be bags of skin and muscle. In the same way, karmic relationships form us, evolving our soul into its highest potential through the help of other souls. I don’t think of karma as a simple do something bad or good and be punished or rewarded system. It feels more like understanding how past lifetimes or actions have played part in our current time. Astrologically I also see the Vertex as very closely related to our karma as it is point of fate (fate from Proto-Indo-European *bha from “speak” meaning “words from the Gods”) and sometimes called the “Destiny’s Gate,” a term coined by astrologer Charles A. Jayne. Located on the right side of the chart, the Vertex shows the intersection of the ecliptic (path of the Sun) and the Prime Vertical (the line that divides the celestial sphere into front and back). Though mostly, it is like an electric point similar to Ascendant and Descendant. {More about Vertex: Currently the planet Saturn is exact on my Vertex in my 5th house, invoking possible karmic relationships for healing and serving my soul’s evolution. I also believe that Vertex conjunctions from one person’s chart to ours or visa versa indicating a past life/fated meeting.} With the astrological awareness and way too much time spent obsessing over patterns with the Vertex and Saturn in my chart, I’m going to do my best to untangle a few different types of soul relationships including Twin Souls, Healer Souls, Teacher Souls, Soul Companions, Karmic Partners, and Twin Flames. And while this is quite obvious, I am by no means an expert on such a complex topic, only a curious soul doing my best to understand myself astrologically and karmically.




SOUL MATES This term is used so widely it is difficult to tease out what the term even means, so I can only speak from personal experience as I have known people who were soul mates (I knew by their eyes), and feel I have a few close friend soul mates. Though we usually think of the romantic kind, that I wrote about here a few years go after seeing a movie I Origins about soul mates and past lives. For me, soul mates share in common a feeling of familiarity and sense we know them before. Some people spend their whole lives with soulmates (I think Healer Souls are the best long-term partners). Though I think of them often as for a specific purpose, sometimes romantic, sometimes not…though we tend to pay more attention to the romantic ones as I think we are all looking for our Twin Flame. Below is my list of different relationships that are a part of soulmate category: Companion Souls/Soul Equals: Companion Souls come with mutual respect and offer us deep opportunities to grow. They mirror us in some way and may have similar life stories or situations. I know several of mine at the moment from my grad school program and feel a lot of connection and love for them. Sexual attraction may be there but it is not as strong as with a twin soul or healer soul. We seem to be from a similar soul group and have had other lives together, while learning similar lessons this lifetime. Astrologically, I have noticed a strong correlation of Vertex on the ascendant composite. My main soul companions have the same rising sign (Cancer) or the same elemental sign (such as Pisces or Scorpio) or same Moon sign. Healer Souls: Healer Souls share the attributes of companion souls and feel familiar, but the lessons are usually longer lasting and perhaps less intense. We have had past lives together, and they are from a closer soul group. There is a natural affinity and an ability to communicate and be in a relationship that is both nourishing and growth-provoking. I strongly believe Healer Souls make the best long-term friends and partners as they help us relax and become more of ourselves. More often than not they make us feel happier and healthier (though this to me is about the Part of Fortune placement, more on that some other time). There is a strong sense of helping and healing in this relationship that only gets stronger with time, as well as a deep sense of trust. Astrologically, these souls have similar birth charts and the Vertex is often with one or the other’s South, North Node, or Chiron in synastry or the composite. Twin Souls: Twin Souls (different than Twin Flames) are perhaps the most difficult for me to write about as they have perhaps been the most painful to let go of. I have known two of these and can attest it was quite similar to a Companion Soul and Healer Soul only the feeling of connection was even stronger. They felt like another part of me of, all the good and all the bad. In both instances it felt like true love and something I would have given up anything for to be with this person (almost even willing to move to Mongolia).

This type of relationship feels like the classic sense of "soulmate" could be a good long-term partner, if both are willing to put in the work necessary for such a deep and soulful dynamic full of lots of projection and healing. Twin Souls can also hold dual roles in some ways with Karmic Partners. Astrologically, this can show up many ways often with Vertex and Saturn in the composite or synastry indicating fated and also karmic union…a double whammy. KARMIC PARTNER Karmic Partner is the most fascinating to me of any of these, as I have known three people who fall into this category (according to muscle testing), though this last one was so brutal I am praying not to have another! By nature of this relationship it is about clearing past karma and therefore seems perfectly designed to evoke the worst and best of you. It doesn’t feel like a soulmate to me, though two of my twin souls also came up as being karmic partners. In both situations I could feel we have shared another lifetime together and felt almost instant connection upon meeting. Also intense feelings of love and wanting to be with them in a way that also brought up my deepest insecurities, jealousy, and wounds. There was also an intense, addictive power to the connection that often made me feel unloveable and unattractive. (Though in both cases the sexual attraction was so strong I would willingly go into the fire again.) Astrologically, this shows up with Chiron and Venus in relationship in synastry or composite. I also believe strongly that whatever our natal Saturn touches, our karmic partners will be helping us to integrate it. TWIN FLAME I think a lot of us when we say “Soul Mate” are actually looking for our Twin Flame, like our other half. Though for many of us our twin flames aren’t incarnated at the same time in the physical body as we are… I feel clear mine is guiding me from elsewhere. That being said I haven’t met him/her, but I can feel them guiding me in dreams. To me this is Plato’s idea of a companion star, something guiding us from above back into our relationship with the divine.

Astrologically, I think there would be a lot of Neptune with the Vertex and possible Vertex on Descendant in composite. While I think the Twin Flame union would be incredible, I feel somewhat relieved not to meet another me. CONCLUSION I feel grateful for each and every one of my soul mates (and even my karmic partners) for revealing to me the places that held pain and were calling for my own care. I have become the woman I am today through these relationships and the many soulmates I have met so far on my journey. While I think this blog post will continue to evolve as I learn more, in this moment, this is what I know to be true.

Note: Special thanks to Brenda Galloway

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