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Holistic Healing :: Pisces Full Moon


The next full moon with a lunar eclipse occurs Friday, September 16 at 12:05 p.m. PDT at 24 degrees Pisces.

This full moon/lunar eclipse continues the releasing cycle that began with the solar eclipse on September 1. This full moon is conjunct the asteroid Chiron (from the ancient word for “hand”) and may reveal the painful places we need to “touch” in order to release and heal physically or spiritually. The Sun in Virgo creates a polarity of practicality in opposition to the imaginal worlds of Pisces as an opportunity for discernment and dissolution of what no longer serves us. In addition, the moon is squaring Mars and the asteroid Cupido adding a possible emphasis on sexuality as a desire to merge or feeling under attack and overwhelmed physically or energetically. Another expression of Pisces moon during this time could be vivid dreams or more access to the imagination. Use this time to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be careful of tendencies to want to disassociate from the discomfort that may arise during this powerful time of karmic cleansing.

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