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Justice & Love :: Super moon in Taurus


Today's super, full moon at 5:52 a.m. PDT is 22 degrees Taurus. Besides being more than 30% brighter than any moon in the past 70 years, this full moon is packed with asteroids and the sensuality only Taurus can offer. While October’s supermoon was also close to Earth, as well as the one in December, this “supermoon” is super-packed. It is trine the Chiron and opposite the Sun conjunct Astraea and Lilith offering healing and a sense that justice will be served. Astraea, my favorite asteroid who I believe is the rightful ruler of Libra, is closely conjunct the Scorpio Sun. She represents where we seek harmony and the transcendental ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness. With Lilith next to her we are reminded once again of the primal feminine who seeks equality and power. May this super moon utilize the transformational energy of peace and love in service of the collective healing of ourselves and our planet. Look in your chart at 22 degrees Taurus to get a sense of where in your life these luminaries are focusing their energy.

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