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Heady & Heavy :: Gemini Full Moon


Tuesday, December 13 4:05pm PST/7:05pm EST 22 deg Gemini/Sagittarius

Moon sextile Uranus/Ceres/Eris Moon trine Jupiter & Mars Sun & Moon square Chiron Sun conjunct Saturn

Per usual I am at a loss for words this full moon, sitting up late at my computer feeling wired and unable to communicate (even though you would think the Mercury-ruled Gemini would help with that). I watch all the other astrologers come out with the newsletter several days before and though I do my best to describe possible energies of the moon at a particular time, but ultimately I always become hyper aware that all of them are only projections of my own experience. A reminder that while the collective archetypes are universal, they only become meaningful through our personal experience. If I am honest, I want to feel more of the silly, optimistic Gemini energy and instead I feel a lot of disappointment and can feel Saturn opposite the Moon weighing down the emotional field. The Chiron square with the Sun and Moon seems to evoke my usual Sun-Chiron self-deprecation and sense of holding both a personal and collective pain many of us seem to be experiencing right now.

The saving grace of this moon is the Jupiter/Mars grand trine of optimism and perhaps the need to take action around what we feel. In addition, the Moon sextiles changemaker Uranus, self-nourishment asteroid Ceres, and the Goddess of Chaos Eris.

So indeed, I am feeling all of the full moon feels...the headiness of Gemini, the heaviness of Saturn, the optimism of Jupiter/Mars, the dull ache of Chiron, and the knowing of change (Uranus) and chaos (Eris) sitting side-by-side with self-care (Ceres).

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