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Depth & Deformity :: Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio, as the primordial energy of life, impels evolution and transformation with its power from the depths (think of a volcano or Kundalini). To me, Scorpio has the deepest shadows and also the most elevated expressions of any sign. In its more difficult aspects it is secretive, intense, resentful, shaming, or guilty and with integration and awareness provides the pure, raw power of vulnerability, surrender, and profound rebirth and transformation. With Moon-Pluto or Scorpio Moon the emotions may feel so overwhelming we want to hide them for fear of their force. Emotions in this way often serve as pressure cooker for our upheaval and regeneration. Scorpio asks us to shed and continue shedding until we can become unrecognizable in our rebirth. It seeks power and to unveil the shadow of what we want to hide. With the trine to Neptune and Chiron we may be asked to bring back projections or support the flow of surrender. Neptune could allow our unconscious to speak more through the dream world, so pay attention! While Chiron offers the opportunity to shed old wounding that allows us to return to our wholeness even with the places that still ache. The sextile with Pluto offers a supportive gateway into our catharsis.

Opposite this full moon with Sun in Taurus is Sedna, the dwarf planet of water and mermaids and the depths. In her mythology she is deformed after displeasing her father and he chops off her fingers which become sea mammals. The deep sea represents our unconscious as a place few dare to explore as it is still unknown to us. Animals and creatures of the ocean look strange compared to those on Earth. Just like Pluto we often become morphed like the caterpillar before becoming a butterfly. We change shape and often become unrecognizable even to ourselves, shedding parts of us we hold onto for comfort. This rebirth process and the deformity serve to remind us that we look and feel differently in the underworld as on Earth (Taurus). Today also marks the nodal shift of the North Node axis moving into Leo/Aquarius axis of the polarity of self-involvement versus caring about the collective and the confusion of often not knowing how to serve both. In a personal chart the nodes represent our soul path and major things we came here to Earth to study. When a collective shift happens our large-scale lessons also change.

In addition, the Mercury and Uranus conjunction in the sky possibly expressing itself as an ability to get quick insights, or in my case make your brain feel a bit overwhelmed.

Look for 20 degrees Scorpio in your chart to see how this full moon may activate your chart personally. Is it near a planet or important axis in the chart? What house does it fall into? This could provide clues on how to pay attention to the messages and learning of this full moon.

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