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Obligation Obsession :: Capricorn Full Moon


BUCK MOON/BLESSING MOON @ 17 DEGREES CAPRICORN Saturday, July 8, 2017/Sunday, July 9, 2017 9:07 p.m. PDT/12:07 a.m. EDT

  • Conjunct retrograde Pluto

  • Square Jupiter

  • Opposite Mars conjunct Sun

Astrologically: Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, has dominion over the very Earthly, dense experience of being human. It often uses logic and working hard to overcome obstacles and believes strongly in what it can see and witness with the five senses and can sometimes get stuck in scarcity mentality. The shadow expression may reveal itself in fear about the unknown or skepticism and judgment beyond usefulness. Saturn's elevated calling pulls us into authority or mastery of the material world and allows us manifest the things we really want through being in alignment with our Earthly roots of reality.

This July full moon is often called the Buck Moon because of the timing of when male deer's' antlers have fully grown/manifested. I often think of the Capricorn-Cancer axis in astrology as being ruled by Diana/Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the Earth loving goddess of the moon.

The moon's tight conjunction to retrograding Pluto indicates the potentiality for deep transformation and provocation of shadow material coming to the surface for rebirth and release. Pluto has been in opposition with Mars stirring the pot for massive amounts of anger, agitation or rage (see more on that below) though it is also prone to obsession. When this combo is with the moon it can be prime for moving a lot through or harnessing momentum to get things done though Capricorn moon can also have a tendency to feel tired and weighed down.

Jupiter's square brings about another potentiality for expansion, though perhaps with friction or resistance. With Jupiter recently out of retrograde, it will go through another full cycle of squaring Pluto where we can usually expect themes from earlier this year with secrets being revealed and power structures being revisited (ahem patriarchy and capitalism, I'm looking at you).

All of this being said, I feel a deep need to defend Capricorn and Saturn...while it has been associated with patriarchy and authority figures in more recent consciousness, it wasn't always this way. In particular the Capricorn and Cancer axis has a softness to it that reminds me of elders, crone/senex (wise man) and ancestry. Capricorn moon also has a tendency to feel depressed and hermit-like preferring solitude.

I suggest honoring this full moon by connecting to your wise self and inner authority with solitude. Because of the Mars-Pluto energy there may be an abundance of energy wanting to move through or conversely it can feel completely debilitating and exhausting. Perhaps find a way to channel it into manifesting something that takes hard work and energy as Mars-Pluto can support. If all else fails...a kickboxing class might be a good option to release the Mars-Pluto energy.;)

Personally: For me astrology comes alive through the personal, for this reason I've decided to add a separate section where I include my own personal observations of my own process through this full moon. I'm keenly aware that as astrologers our forecasts and information are for the most part projections of our own experience, so it makes sense for me to share that. For fear of sounding less authoritative, Saturn talking, I'm putting it at the bottom though it may perhaps make its way to the top.;)

As a Cancer rising I usually feel full moons several days in advance as my attunement to the moon rules a lot of my lens of the world. This full moon brought up my rage and agitation with pretty much everyone and everything. With Mars currently on my ascendant, I did my best to channel it into work and productivity, but inevitably I yelled at some kids on the bus for shoving an elderly man (Saturn as Senex) aside and then accused a police officer (another image of Saturn as authority) of cutting in front of me in line at a coffee shop. I have to laugh at myself as it was so ridiculous and archetypal as I felt like a crone

With my North and South Node axis on Cancer and Capricorn, this full moon brought up my familiar ways of being where I worked so hard (Capricorn) I dismissed my body and self-care (Cancer). As I watched myself do it, I didn't even care as the obsession (Pluto) to do things (Mars) felt more important than anything else. I feel constrictive and lonely and far away with a wall that feels somewhat impenetrable even to myself, a classic Capricorn experience. I can't stop thinking about all the things I need to get done and the full weight of obligation on my shoulders to do so.

My plan for the building of the energy is to soften back into self-care as much as I can with yoga classes, resting between astrology clients instead of working, and spending time to connect with my inner crone and ancestors for guidance.

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