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Fantasy & Flow :: Pisces Full Moon


Collectively: This full moon beckons us into the dream and transcendent worlds beyond our daily experience. Pisces has the thirst for spiritual union and an astounding urge to merge. As a water sign it has an uncanny ability to shapeshift and chameleon its way through situations.

Currently (sorry, stupid water pun I couldn’t resist), the full moon is also next to Pisces ruling planet Neptune, creating possibly a double dose effect on our collective unconscious. With this combo be on the lookout for fantasy, illusions, confusion, or martyrdom. Addictive tendencies or other forms of dissociation may also be more likely during this time, keep an eye out for wanting to leave the overwhelm that the news and flooding easily evokes. Self-abandonment and feeling a bit "lost at sea" may also be a symptom of the watery influence, difficulty staying with oneself and instead leaning into others for direction. Projections, idealization of others, or feeling very permeable and sensitive may also be experienced with the energy of this full moon. Another caution this much Neptune brings could be getting caught up in one's own reflection or the projection of others, creating or continuing self-abandonment patterns.

The illuminated or elevated side could be an ease in connecting to flow such as meditation, music, film, or art. This combo asks us to align our identity with spiritual self or ego or deepen our empathy for others. Feelings of attunement or desire for cleansing, protecting or honoring bodies of water may also take on greater importance. Neptune enhances imagination and our ability to see beyond what is in front of us into the transcendent and channel or "download" (the upcoming Mercury and Neptune opposition the third week of September will also be ripe for this).

The subtle sextile to Pluto evokes the primordial force of our depths and the powers of our vulnerability. It invites us into examining shame, guilt, or jealousy to see where we may have become disconnected from our own connection to spirit and allow for deeper transformation and empowerment. Whereas the gentle sextile to asteroid Pallas Athena encourages our curiosity and desire to learn about the spiritual realm and perhaps identify more with out intuitive wisdom over analytical thinking (even though Mercury is out of retrograde).

Personally: Locate 13 degrees Pisces in your chart. Does it touch any planets? Which house it is in? If your Moon or Sun are in a relationship with Neptune or in the 12th house, you may be particularly sensitive to these current (whoops, did it again) energies.

Perhaps honor this full moon by softening into flow…my own lessons around not forcing. Visit the ocean or a river or other body of water. Study how it moves, how does it flow? In waves or by current or by force from elsewhere? How to rocks, or other Earthly elements relate to it?

Pay close attention to the dream world, write your dreams down. What is your unconscious wanting to communicate to you? Look at the dreams first from your own associations with an object or person, then the larger collective archetype.

Resist the urge to disassociate into addictions or dissolve into the unconscious. Pisces and Neptune are overwhelm and anxiety, I find myself getting easily overwhelmed right now by all the news and flooding, doing my best not to stay put and meditate instead of reach for my sugar medicine.;)


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