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Irritation & Independence :: Full Moon Aries


FULL MOON 12 DEGREES ARIES Thursday, October 5, 2017 11:40 a.m. PDT/12:40 p.m. MDT/ 2:40 p.m. EDT * Opposite Mercury/Sun in Libra * Square Pluto

The full moon is my favorite time of the month as it is about embodying (Moon) a new way of being (Sun). It’s the pinnacle of a new moon cycle and the point when emotions, untampered by the sun’s solar rays of consciousness, run high. The full moon invites us into a new emotional awareness that may have been unconscious before. For me, the full moon is also a time of emotional attunement and self-care rituals for practicing embodiment.

And when you combine the feeling sense (Moon) with the fire of Aries, things are bound to get interesting. Aries moon tends towards compulsivity (I should know with my natal Aries Moon), it craves action and inspiration and independence. Though the shadow side can lend itself to aggression, agitation, and violence. Guns and cars are also associated with Mars and the impulse to harm or go fast...the classic yang energy without brakes. Aries energy when elevated is enthusiastic, ambitious, optimistic, and passionate. Though watch out for its ability to get bored easily, be dominating, compulsive, impatient, or agitated.

Opposite the Moon in Aries is the Sun in Libra next to Mercury. It highlights the ability to talk about relationships or shine a light on where there is an imbalance or possible people-pleasing. It encourages fairness before taking action and warns against over-analyzing.

**Pluto’s tension-filled square with the moon may bubble up a feeling of being “too much.” The forcefulness of the emotions with moon in Aries combined with intensity of Pluto, invites us into diplomatic communication (Sun and Mercury in Libra)


  • Move your body to move the e-motion: take a kickboxing class, go rock climbing, go for a run, or have a dance party (Aries wants action)

  • Read books about psychotherapy or shadow work (Pluto needs depth and Mercury likes to read)

  • Do an enema (I really can't even believe I am suggesting this, but the bowels relate to Pluto and I couldn't resist)

  • Make time for sexual self-love (Mars love to get turned on)


Can you identify the difference between abuse and anger (e.g. expresses a feeling versus a tantrum, exists with other feelings or occludes them, etc.)? [Read more about the differences here] What makes you angry and how do you express it or where do you hide it? What is your conflict style (e.g. avoid it, give in, stand your ground, etc.)? What are your needs for independence (Aries) versus togetherness (Libra)? How do you navigate other people’s anger and what does it say about your own? Do you blame others for your anger or notice them as a catalyst and not the source?


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