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You Are Intuitive Interview Series with Dana Machacek

Nothing says Neptune and Mercury quite like a convo about inituition! Really honored to be included in the "You are Intuitive" Series with Dana Machacek, when she first told me about the project I was all tingly with excitement as she is a magical psychic and being whose work I very much respect.

Below is the intro from our interview and click here to learn more about her awesome series aimed at exploring and developing intuition in the real world.


I am overjoyed to introduce you to Rebecca Farrar, a beautifully thorough, thoughtful, and empowering astrologist. I have received two incredible readings from Rebecca so far. One was a mind-blowing synastry reading that treated my business like a living entity and examined the dynamics of our relationship, and the second reading incorporated astrocartography to tap into places around the world that Marty and I are most aligned with, given that we aren’t sure if we’ll ever move back to Vancouver Island after we finish gallivanting in Thailand. Both readings: HOLY WHOA. Food for thought for life! I love Rebecca’s perspective in this conversation, as she comes from a more skeptical and academic background and is careful not to careen full-blast into the super woo realms. She remains grounded, down to earth, and considerate (plus a little quirky), and I know that her insights will feel so relatable to you! In our interview, we discuss:

  • How intuition feels in the body (and how Rebecca initially confused her body’s own intuitive indicators with a neurological disorder!)

  • Being intuitive with people rather than for them: how to stay in integrity when working with clients in an intuitive capacity

  • Lingering discomfort with many woo terms (such as ‘downloading’), and how we as conscious practitioners have an opportunity (if not the outright responsibility)to use more inclusive and accessible language in our practices

  • The importance of remaining grounded, even as we explore and tap into more etheric concepts and realms

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