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Splitting & Spirit :: Gemini Full Moon


{image by amazing Regina Felice Garcia}

FULL MOON 11 DEGREES GEMINI Sunday, December 3 7:47 a.m. PT/8:47 a.m. MT/10:47 a.m. ET * Square Neptune

Gemini moon is curious about the emotions though may over-intellectualize them. While Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury, I also believe it has close ties to the asteroid Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The twins of Gemini represent two sides and duality, psychologically speaking it may be where we split ourselves as a defense mechanism. Be wary of black-and-white thinking or all-or-nothing thoughts as it directly points to a split in the psyche of being able to hold a cohesive wholeness within oneself.

Just like the brain with two twin sides, Gemini represents two that are actually one. Mercury to me represents the left side of the brain that analyzes and critiques whereas Uranus represents the right side of more creative thinking. With Mercury now in retrograde we are invited into spending more time with the right side, knowing it is only one half a whole that may have been underutilized when Mercury is moving forward. Wisdom and curiosity represent the whole mind.

This full moon may feel slightly confusing or disorienting (or of course I could just be talking about myself and projecting…classic Neptune)! The harsh exact square may bring up the difficult aspects of Neptune such as fantasy, projection, or delusion. Or conversely, Neptune may force us into flow or connecting with spirit above all else. Look out for the spiritual idealism that it leans into spiritual bypassing, without acknowledging the Earthly aspect of existence (Gemini is an air sign, but acknowledges the wisdom of humans as both.)

The current Neptune trine Jupiter aspect exact this weekend invites compassion for ourselves and others. Use the tools of intuition and wisdom to discern what is illusion or false.


*Try writing or doing other activities with both hands, alternate.

*Meditate on the yin/yang symbol or the two sides of the brain.

*Have two candles on your altar instead of one.

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: * Where do I split myself without appreciating my complexity (e.g. good v. bad, nice v. mean, smart v. stupid) and therefore not fully seeing myself clearly? Or putting myself in a box? * Where do I split others without acknowledging their whole selves? * How do I balance duality within myself?

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