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Mothers, Wolves, & Women :: Cancer Full Moon

Full Moon+Cancer+ Wolf Moon

{Magical image by Cancer-Sun Regina Felice Garcia}

FULL MOON 11 DEGREES CANCER Monday, January 1 6:23 p.m. PT/7:23 p.m. MT/9:23 p.m. ET *Opposite Venus *Opposite Lilith *Trine Mars and Jupiter *Trine Neptune

Nothing says "Happy 2018" and Mo{o}nday quite like the possibility of navigating a full-blown emotional tidal wave with the full moon in Cancer! Cancer is concerned with domestic life and a sense of home or familiarity when in a full moon placement feelings can become amplified, as well as attachment complexes. Though I could be definitely speaking about myself here, as this moon is definitely bringing up my neediness...I would, of course, be remiss if I didn't mention this Wolf Moon, as it was named after the packs of hungry wolves that used to howl outside of villages.

Though as we know, wolves and women have much in common. Clarissa Pinkola Estés wrote Women Who Run With Wolves almost 26 years ago. She was inspired by her work studying wolves and found similarities between healthy women and healthy wolves. Here are some qualities she describes in her book:

* Protective * Relational * Intuitive * Loyal * Adaptive * Life-giving

What strikes me about these qualities is how Cancerian they are. Cancer energy is what I would call other-oriented as it tends to focus on the needs of others or orbit around them for a sense of security and nourishment. I'm working on a piece right now that delves into this more, but wanted to give a sneak peek.;)

Opposite Venus this moon may evoke a desire to connect and be social or creative, or it may take on its more shadow side of superficiality or materialism. Next to primal goddess Lilith the energy can become more witchy or instinctual. Though this combination also invites us to explore our own identifications or attractions to the archetypes of the feminine. With the moon/mother opposite the more dangerous or witchy energy of Lilith and the desired woman Venus.

The gentle grand trine in water with Neptune and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction allows us to get moving our on visions or dreams, but first we have to clear the emotional blocks that may be holding us back.

The moon in our personal charts represents our internalized mother complex as well as the way we navigate our emotional tides. Use this full moon to check in with yourself on how you feel, as this moon doesn't support suppression! Notice if you can meet your own needs, or know how to, or if you can make a request of someone else. With the Sun in Capricorn, we may think we need to be self-sufficient, but Cancer invites us into our roots and soul nourishment, whether they be motherly, witchy, loverly, or wolf-like. RITUAL IDEAS: *Cry it out in an Epsom salt bath. *Practice strong self-parenting such as nourishing yourself emotionally and physically. *Make a request of someone around something you need such as a hug or company. *Howl at the moon (duh)

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: * What do I need right now? What do I need to feel safe or comforted? *Do I put my career life or home life first? *What is my relationship to the feminine archetypes of the mother, witch/outsider, and lover? Do I split them or are they integrated? **[I wrote a post about the split here.](**

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