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Commitment & Contentment :: New Moo{n}th Capricorn



6:17 P.M. PT/7:17 P.M. MT/9:17 P.M. ET/

While we all know the new moon is a time of beginnings and do over, in its purest sense it is also a new lunar month full of its own themes that peak at the full moon and wane with the next phase of lunar cycle. The year doesn't really feel like it starts until the first New Moon...and this New Moon couldn't be more Capricorny if it tried! With Venus, Sun, Moon, Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Mercury, and Saturn all hanging out in the Earthy sign ruled by Saturn. I see this as inviting us into stability in our relationships (Venus), transformative process (Pluto), depth of feminine (Lilith), communication (Mercury), and legacy (Saturn).

Personally, I have felt this new moon more than I was expecting. It has been an entirely new reorganizing of my internal world towards where I am not content or committed and reclaiming what I want and need. My chart has a lot of Capricorn and Saturn and I spent a lot of time pretending or not fully owning how much I need stability and consistency in relating and partnership (romantic and otherwise). Only recently did I start understanding and integrating the Capricorn in myself as the part that is content and grounded. It prefers simplicity and slowness to busyness and moving quickly, my inner crone and wise woman who seeks ease and attunement with Earth above all else.

Capricorn, like all signs has a full spectrum of different ways it expresses itself through experience and shows up differently for different people. On one hand it can be judgmental, critical or constrictive and on the other may reveal itself through support, commitment, and contentment. It concerns itself with reality and Earthly experience and gains such as status, wealth, or authority. The shadow side being a patriarchal system that doesn't value the quiet, softness of being without being overly identified with work and career.

Areas of life Capricorn navigates are our legacy and long-term career, ancestry and past, gravity (read gravitas:) and the heaviness of being human. Death and bones put us into contact with this part of ourselves, so too does existentialism and depression.

In addition, this new moon initiates us into eclipse portal that has its height at the full moon on January 31, more important astro-happenings below:

Collective New Mo{o}nth:

  • Venus enters Aquarius

  • Sun enters Aquarius

  • Mars enters Sagittarius

  • Mercury enters Aquarius

  • Full Moon Eclipse

  • Imbolc

  • Venus enters Pisces

  • Mercury square Jupiter

Personally New Mo{o}nth:

  • What house of the chart has 26 degrees, area of life with a reboot for the next mo{o}nth?

  • What planets does it come into contact with?

*Don't know what any of the below info means, might be time for an astrology session.;)

Ritual ideas:

  • Make an altar to the ancestors, one for grandmothers and one for grandfathers. Put images of family, mementos, or other things that connect you to your lineage. Say a blessing to connect and heal with them during this next month.

  • Go outside and feel your feet on the ground (or lie down), preferably barefoot, feel the support of the Earth as gravity.

  • Read existentialist philosophers, they are very much in tune with the shadow, meaninglessness of Capricorn.

  • Imagine your own death, perhaps write your eulogy (even typing this feels dramatic, but I plan to do it tonight as I create my altar).

Questions to consider:

  • What is the legacy I want to leave?

  • Where am I committed and content? Where am I non-committal and discontent?

  • What do I need to feel stable and secure in relationships or my work or home life?

  • What is my area of expertise or authority?

  • How can I slow down?

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