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Fantasy & Fulfillment :: Virgo Full Moon

{Image by Dena Bahar}

FULL MOON 12 DEGREES VIRGO San Francisco: March 1, 4:51 p.m.

New York: March 1, 7:51 p.m.

London: March 2, 12:51 a.m.

Sydney: March 2, 11:51 a.m.

Keywords: ideas, intuition, union, spirit, divine, flow, analyze, critique, ground, infinite to finite, clarity, purification


Thursday’s full moon in Virgo invites us into an exploration of the infinite and finite both internally and externally. I often feel Virgo energy is misunderstood as its shadow form may be experienced as being critical or overly concerned with details. Though for me it feels contained in a way that provides independence, wholeness, intention, and a familiarity with the Earthly domain. It is ruled by analytically minded Mercury and appreciates clarity in thought, word, and deed.

What does the only female-identified sign in the zodiac have to teach us? For me, many of Virgo’s lessons lie in understanding the word virgin as in many Greek translations, the word virgin meant “one unto herself.” Like most words, the definition has evolved over time, but the ideas of not having sex as being tied to virginity feels very outdated. I instead prefer Virgo and Virgin as a symbol of discernment, sovereignty, and most of all fulfillment. (Read more here.)

This full moon is also opposite Neptune and Pisces Sun, that has been revealing itself for many of us through overwhelm and feeling a bit lost at sea. It may make us feeling fuzzy or confused or alternatively increase imagination. If this has also been your experience I would suggest using its energies towards a flow state such as meditation, painting, dancing, music, or film.

Whenever there are also strong Neptune energies, I also do my best to stay aware about possible projections or where I may get swept into fantasy or illusion. In one of my bibles, Women Who Run with the Wolves, CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS alludes to three types of fantasies we create in the psyche. It seemed appropriate given the current planetary transits to mention them and their purposes (I have adjusted them to my own words and understanding):

  1. Pleasure: for pure enjoyment, daydream, “mind ice cream”

  2. Planning: for intention, creating something new, visioning

  3. Halting: “hinders right action,” nothing to do with reality, closely linked to disassociation

With Neptune we have access to all three, though it depends on us how well we are able to integrate the Virgo's grounding and ability to get things done. When we approach the dreams from a clarifying day-to-day manner for them to actually become fulfilled we allow our wholeness to become perfected. A good place to start...a list, one of Virgo’s favorite ways of making daydreams into day jobs.


While full moons tend to be a time of increased emotion (read more here), if your moon is in Virgo or Pisces near 12 degrees this may be even more heightened. Be aware of possible patterns of overwhelm or disassociation, or on the more positive side increased imagination or desire to connect with spirit or your own divinity. Often as the full moon energy builds the more shadow side tends to show up then after it peaks then dissipates the lessons or shifts become more clear.

Full moons are about completions and noticing which house in your chart has 12 degrees Virgo may be a space of where something needs closure or has been opened for inviting in more imagination or creativity. Or in addition, planets in this area may signify a big shift or something coming up for healing.

Questions to consider:

  • Where and when do I notice my inner critic?

  • What is my own story of losing “virginity” or returning to wholeness?

  • Where and how do I experience creative flow states?

  • What areas of life do you live in fantasy or lack focus?

  • Which type of fantasy listed above are you most prone to?

Ritual ideas:

  • Take a bath with the intent to purify or release anything that needs completion, watch the water drain or perhaps save some of it to nourish a plant near your home.

  • Attend a meditation event or yoga class, or create your own outside near a favorite tree (bonus points if you figure out what kind it is)

  • Do a fast from sunset until sunrise on Wednesday to Thursday (sunset Wednesday is the Jewish holiday of Purim that is often honored with a fast)

  • Create an herbal infusion or learn more about herbalist techniques and how you can incorporate them into your life (Virgo energy loves botany)!

  • Take time to daydream and notice where your brain goes…is it pleasure, planning, or halting? Journal about it.

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