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Grounding & Growth :: Full Moon Capricorn


FULL MOON 6 DEGREES CAPRICORN: Wednesday, June 27 & Thursday, June 28

9:53 p.m. PT/12:53 a.m. ET/4:53 a.m. UTC

· Conjunct Saturn

· Square Chiron

· Trine Uranus

Archetypal Energies: Grounding, responsibility, status, stern, heavy, self-deprecation, humility, depression, emotional wisdom, need for authority, emotional coldness, attachment, commitment and freedom



This summery full moon is often called the Rose Moon or Strawberry Moon because of the abundance of blooms and ripeness. Though this full moon may not feel particularly uplifting. Capricorn can often be considered a Debbie Downer or put us in work mode (woomp woomp). It can make us feel cold or unavailable. Capricorn as an Earth sign is naturally heavier and asks us to be realistic, which may not feel so light.;)

The elevated expression of this may be a desire to step more into our authority or become more self-sufficient. As the last thing a Capricorn Moon, or Moon-Saturn person wants is to feel needy. Or it may also have us isolate or become overly involved in work, Capricorn has a deep appreciation for hermitting and time alone. However, my favorite part of Capricorn and Saturn shows up in its ability to make things real or come to fruition. Full moons represent the peak of a lunar cycle, and this one in particular calls on us to examine what we are committed to making manifest in the material realm.

Squaring Chiron this full moon could touch on some painful or insecure places. Watch out for attachment wounds being activated or a sense of feeling victimized. These are the red flags of Chiron to pay attention to when emotions run high, which is particularly a theme for the full moon.

Those will Saturn in relationship to their moon in their natal chart may find themselves falling back on familiar patterns of suppressing emotions or feeling numb. This full moon tells us to get serious and wonder where we are an authority, to evaluate where we are committed. With the trine to Uranus we can come into contact with our dance between commitment and freedom, or it may also add some levity to the very grounding full moon.

In addition to the full moon, Mars recently began its retrograde joining Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Read more about how to work with retrogrades here.



BODY // Enjoy strawberry ripe season or essential oils such as rose for an uplifting during what could feel a heavy time

MIND // Read or take a webinar about a business skill you want to upgrade

SPIRIT // Walking meditation (Saturn connects us to Earth and foot Chakra), preferably barefoot

SOUL // Take some time to slow down this full moon, what has the rushing been avoiding?

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