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Emotional Empowerment :: Cancer New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse



Thursday, July 12 & Friday, July 13

7:49 p.m. PT/ 10:49 p.m. ET/2:49 a.m. UTC

  • Opposite Pluto

  • Opposite Black Moon Lilith

Keywords/Themes: Home, family, emotions, below the surface, depth, primal feminine, great mother, hidden below, unconscious, subconscious, attachment needs, empowerment & upheaval, regeneration

Emotional Attunement: Sadness, nostalgia, jealousy, shame, guilt, resentment, vulnerable


Collective Consciousness:

This powerful partial eclipse and new moon in Cancer begins the next lunar cycle and prepares us for a full moon lunar eclipse later this month, and the first eclipse in Cancer in 18 years. Cancer energies connect us to our family, home, emotions, and needs. It asks us to pay more attention to our intuition as well as our conditioned feelings and receptivity. Though the detrimental side of Cancer may be overly protective or giving in hopes of getting its needs met in return.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this new moon is the exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This primordial planetary energy evokes upheaval for the purpose of regeneration and rebirth. It often asks us to dig deeper into the places that feel intense. While Cancer wants to stay safe, Pluto pushes into the discomfort for a new way of being pulling us to the other side into a more empowered place.

Pluto sits next to Black Moon Lilith, the primal and instinctual feminine. These archetypal energies often represent power struggles and resentments. Watch out for jealousy, guilt, or shame and how it can inform you to become more connected to yourself during this potent time.

Eclipses occur around every six months and while they usually come in pairs, we have three this summer. This particular eclipse will be visible mostly from the ocean between Australia and Antarctica, so no need to get out the eclipse glasses.;) A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun creating a temporary shadow on the Sun.

In ancient times eclipses were believed to be bad luck, though now we can predict them, they have a bit less fear associated with them. Astrologically they offer portals and shifts in consciousness where the inner (Moon) and outer (Sun) experiences come into a new relationship. The shadow aspect of the Moon, represents a way for us to come into contact with our own inner shadow accelerating our self-awareness process.


Individual Integration:

Utilize this new moon partial solar eclipse for looking at old family patterns of relating. Perhaps explore what you have inherited, the blessings and burdens, from your ancestral lineage. Practice vulnerability and honoring any breakdown as making way for your own rebirth. Things bubbling up from the depths during this time could lead to a renewed sense of self...though sometimes we have to go down to go up (that's Pluto's mantra, not mine).;)

If you have Moon-Pluto natally or Cancer moon, this new moon may feel even more powerful. As well as those Capricorn, Aries, or Libra Sun or Moon as it will activate a square aspect or tension that sometimes can feel a bit like a pressure cooker.

To understand which area of life this eclipse may impact you the most, look up where 20 degrees Cancer falls in your chart. What planets are nearby or in an angular relationship? Which house does it fall into? (If you don’t know how to do this, it may be time for an astrology reading.) This offers clues into how to best work with this energy and where you may experience in the most shift during this next lunar cycle and eclipse season.

BODY // Swimming or walking along the ocean or body of water, or if the Pluto energy needs to move, something more like boxing.

MIND // Read depth psychology or about healing family lineage, one of my favorite authors Marion Woodman recently died and her work is perfect for this. Or Brene Brown for possible shame emotions that arise.

SPIRIT // Kundalini yoga for connecting to the power centers or meditation with ocean sounds

SOUL // Explore your relationship to jealousy, guilt, resentment, or shame.

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