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Commitment & Constraint :: Capricorn New Moon & Solar Eclipse


New Moon, New Habit: Mindful walking or slowing down

Keywords/Themes: structure, commitment, time, maturity, hermit, authority figure, slowness, concrete boundaries, control, heaviness, serious business, constraint, humility

Collective Consciousness:

While Capricorn isn’t known for being the life of the New Year party, it is what motivates us to set resolutions and get back to business. This new moon and solar eclipse occur shortly after the Gregorian calendar new year and ushers in a grounded beginning to 2019. Eclipses happen every six months in pairs, with the lunar eclipse at the full moon on January 20 or 21(depending on your location), and while this partial eclipse is visible from Asia, the energies can be felt anywhere. Even though eclipses aren’t rare, they are certainly experienced as phases where our personal and collective evolution seems to happen at lightning speed.

Capricorn energies put us into contact with the parts of us that crave the Earthly domain in all of its stability and sometimes a sense of constriction. The elevated expression of Saturn-ruled Capricorn invites in a sense of personal authority, the ability to create structure, commitment and follow through needed to make things “real.” I adore Capricorn’s capacity to move intentionally and slowly and to respond, though the other side of the Saturnian spectrum can lead to control, sense of stuck- ness, or pessimism. It can make us feel that nothing is possible, or give a sense of constraint around feeling far away from people or the things you want. Read more with ritual ideas here on J. Southern Studio.

This Debbie Downer effect may be particularly pronounced as the planet Saturn that rules the sign of Capricorn is also hanging out next to the sun and moon in the sky. This double dose of Earthly energy invites emotional maturity—and, if we’re lucky, an appreciation of delayed gratification as we roll into 2019. As someone with a lot of Saturn and Capricorn in their chart, I also feel due diligence to mention that it can sometimes feel heavy, depressive, or lonely; the archetype puts us in touch with the shadow side of being human. It can be overly serious or judgmental when not being focused or honored for its responsible nature. Read more about aligning commitments on Wanderlust Journal.

Individual Integration:

Below are questions to consider for moon signs by element, don't know your moon sign then it is probably time for a reading.;)

Fire :: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Moon Signs // Where can I slow down and be more mindful and intentional?

Earth :: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Moon Signs // How am I connected to my legacy and what will out live me?

Air :: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Moon Signs // What is my relationship to being grounded, what am I committed to?

Water :: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Moon Signs // How can I utilize the energies of this new moon to stay more centered in myself?

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