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Enchanted Imagination & Elevated Ideals :: Jupiter Square Neptune


The new year not only offers hope (Jupiter) but also a transcendent and inter-dimensional feel as we navigate our collective astrological energies. One of this year's planetary duos to watch is the Neptune square Jupiter alignment that occurs three times throughout 2019 on:

  • Sunday, January 13, 2019

  • Friday, June 16, 2019

  • Saturday, September 21, 2019

From January 6 until March 5 all major planets are in forward motion and this will be the only exact contact of Jupiter and Neptune when both planets are out of retrograde. To understand why this combination holds significance it's important to note both these planets represent two major areas of collective experience--the transpersonal realm (Neptune) and social realm (Jupiter).

Transpersonal, used often in depth psychology, relates to a state of consciousness beyond the personal identity. In astrology it speaks to the collective energies that move through us during a particular phase and indicates which aspects of society may be most prominent or challenged. Social planets, in many ways make the bridge between our individual identities and how it interacts with our environment.

When two powerful astrological archetypes meet with a square aspect it often represents a tension and it suggests 2019 offers a way to merge ideals of self and larger collective that may otherwise feel very separated. When a square occurs between two planets it often evokes the detrimental expression and then as the square loosens its grip, the elevated expressions reveal themselves after the tension has been dealt with and integrated. While the January alignment marks the beginning of this energetic exploration from now through September 21 that, if we do our collective and personal work, will integrate by September with the last exact square.

When I'm exploring an archetypal combination I like to think about the positive and negative sides to each planet individually, then how they combine,and then the aspect/angle between them. The focus the planet and angle of the chart is what makes archetypal astrology different from other lineages. As with all planets and planetary combinations there exists a spectrum of experience or multi-valence, with Jupiter and Neptune, two planets concerned with transcendence and elevation we have some of the highest highs and with it the deepest shadows.

In this case I'm using my keywords as well as some from Archetypal Explorer, an online resources for collective and personal transits.



Mythology :: Greek god Zeus, Roman name Jupiter

Chakra :: Heart

Palmistry :: Pointer Finger

Elevated expressions: expansion, morality, philosophy, magnitude, large-scale vision, growth and progress, elevation, good luck and ease, abundance, confidence, broadening horizons, travel

Detrimental expressions: mass consumption, over inflation, grandiosity, excess, greed, arrogance, religious dogma, moral or religious righteousness


Mythology :: Roman God of the Sea, Greek God Poseidon

Chakra :: Crown

Elevated expressions: the transcendent, spiritual, ideal, imagination, invisible, unity timeless, immaterial, and infinite, art and inspiration, ideals and aspirations, images and reflections, symbols and metaphors, dreams and visions, mysticism, religious devotion, universal compassion; healing and wholeness; the longing for the beyond, non-ordinary states of consciousness; universal love, artistic and spiritual inspiration

Detrimenal expressions: illusion, fantasy, delusion, confusion, intoxication, addiction, physical and psychological permeability, loss of boundaries, dissolution, urge to overly merge, escapism, disassociation, projection, maya, distortions of reality and perception, feeling lost at sea, dissolving of ego boundaries, loss of structure, spiritual bypassing


Here are some examples of the myriad ways this combination may express itself in our personal and collective conscious and unconscious, lots of Archetypal Explore influence below:

Detrimental expressions: dissociative tendencies, spiritual bypassing, unrealistic optimism, misguided or excessive idealism, gullibility, naivete, misplaced sympathy, sentimentality; escapism through excessive fantasy, daydreaming, addictive substances, television or video games or other ways of losing oneself, zoning out, indulgence through alcohol or drugs; being overly concerned with celebrity, deceived by illusory promises, swept up into financial speculation, gambling, or other questionable ways of becoming rich or famous, lured by the mirage of great wealth and superficial success; projecting a successful image, narcissistic tendencies; spiritual inflation, ungrounded mystical impulses, overenthusiastic beliefs, excessive drive to see everything in a positive light, to ascribe all events to benevolent intentions, overlook significant differences in the service of an ideal or mythic unity

Elevated expressions: synchronicity and good fortune, faith in life, hopefulness, high ideals, trust life's generosity; increased capacity for empathy, humanitarian impulses, joyful altruism; elevated sense of the sacred, spiritual grandeur, imaginative breadth, artistic inspiration; ability to surrender to grand emotions, elevating experiences of flow; heightened spiritual, intuitive, and imaginative impulses and capacities; devotion to culture and liberal education as having spiritual importance; interest in myth, dreams, fantasy, imaginative literature, film and theater; mystical tendencies, religious devotion, enjoyment of ritual and ceremony; sense of being blessed by the benevolence of life, spiritual joy, cosmic optimism, nature mysticism, trust in the Tao or in divine Providence, faith in a higher principle; enriching and elevating experiences involving non-ordinary states of consciousness, dreams, sacred medicine, sublime works of music and the other arts; experiences of oceanic unity, melted ecstasy, redemption, feeling at one with the universe, encompassed by the womb of life; spiritual experiences associated with mountains and other elevated places, or experiencing high and broad inner vistas, grand views from above the ordinary, heightened understanding with a numinous aura; happy experiences associated with the sea, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, baths, water; religious pilgrimages, spiritual or imaginative enrichment stimulated by travel and contact with other cultures and lands.

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