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Concepts & Communication :: Virgo Full Super Moon


Tuesday, February 19

7:53 a.m. PT and 10:53 a.m. ET

  • Trine Mars and Uranus

  • Square Juno

  • Sextile Pallas Athene

Full Moon Names: Snow Moon, Bone Moon

Plant partners: Ivy, fern, mushroom

Keywords & Themes: concepts, intellect, inquisitive, analyze, understand, scribe, writer, messenger, day-to-day, routine, teacher, work, health, prevention, self-improvement, organize, orient


Collective (un)conscious:

I'm finally sitting down to write this post after a full day of reorganizing my apartment and a lot of talking...perfect ways to honor Virgo. It's also the botanist and herbalist who can categorize information. My own brain associates Virgo with mushrooms, the communicators of who create a network on the forest floor. Perhaps the most defining feature of Virgo could be that it is symbolized by a woman...specifically a virgin.

As I've written about a lot, the word "virgin" has evolved and our modern usage doesn't do it justice. Virgo comes from Latin meaning “unwedded girl, maiden.” It wasn’t until around 1300 that it was used to denote a lack of sexual experience or imply chastity. In Greek translations, the word virgin meant “one unto herself.” Similar to many words in English, the original meaning became lost as Western culture became more patriarchal in nature. The original meaning of the word Virginity instead belongs to each of us as an expression of wholeness and divinity. (Read more about the astrology of virginity here or take a quiz on the asteroid virgin goddesses here)

Virgo moon energy in its highest expression has curiosity and a desire to explore emotions as well as keep the home organized and give voice to the Earth. I find my progressed Virgo Moon (don't know what a progress moon is? Could be time for an astrology reading) keeps my apartment spotless and would never sit on the bed with clothes I wore outside. Virgo energy analyzes and understands concepts in a linear and logical fashion though in its shadow expression can be prone to criticalness or lean into worry wart tendencies. Overthinking or over communicating how one feels can also be much more appealing than feeling it.;)

However, this communicative moon may also encourage us to give voice to feelings or things that need to be said. The virgin energy in all of us is self-contained and confident and utilizing that superpower connects us to our wholeness. This full moon also has a trine with Uranus and Mars as well that could spark insight or action as well as energize us with vision. In my case, I get flashes of something and then my overthinking kicks in.;) Or that could be a side effect of Mercury recently in intuitive and fuzzy Pisces...

This moon also squares Juno, the partnership asteroid and may bring up the push pull of togetherness and sovereignty. The sextile to Pallas Athene encourages curiosity and communication. Best bets for aligning with this moon includes grounding down into your own sense of self and communicating needs as clearly as possible in business collaborations or romantic...hopefully without overthinking them.


Individual Integration:


Emotional // Virgo likes routine and planning, leave some space for mystery or creative insight with cooking or another art form

Spiritual // Good ol-fashioned mindfulness meditation or ritual focused on offerings for focus and clarity


Intellect // Botany books or The Pregnant Virgin by Marion Woodman

Physical // Virgo is ruled by the intestinal track, so fermented foods or researching a new probiotic could be just what a Virgo doctor ordered.

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