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Shedding & Shadow :: Scorpio Full Moon


Saturday, May 18 @ 2:11 p.m. PT/5:11 p.m. ET/9:11 p.m. UTC * Opposite Sedna * Opposite Mercury

* Sextile Pluto and Saturn

Plant Partners: geranium, basil, chrysanthemum

Keywords & Themes: transformation, elemental power, depth, and intensity, survival, sex, or power, instincts, destruction, rebirth, regenerative, volcanic and cathartic, eliminative, upheaval, breakdown, decay, and fertilization

Collective unConscious: I tend to think of Scorpio as the most complex sign in the zodiac with the spectrum of possible expressions ranging from deep intimacy to hidden shadows. Perhaps this Scorpio moon wants to uncover something that has been hidden, or find a new way of digging deeper. It’s an inward and introverted sign connected to the realms of the mysterious as well as the empowerment that often occurs after a break down and break through. Symbols of Scorpio are few but powerful…scorpion, phoenix, snake, butterfly. All of these beings are in process they change shape or have unique shape. Their transformations represent process of rebirth.

Power and redefining power could be another theme that comes up with this full moon. And we’ve already seen that with the abortion ban in Georgia. Scorpio attempts to control out of fear of destruction though in its elemental power harnesses a volcanic cathartic quality. It empowers us through upheaval and cultivating vulnerability.

However, the most intriguing part of this full moon to me is that it is exactly opposite dwarf planet Sedna. An anomaly in our solar system for many reasons including its name and orbit, but also because it is in far reaches. It seems to be a part of our solar system that we don’t understand and an archetype we are living into. Archetypally and mythologically Sedna has an important story to tell. I often call Sedna the mermaid planet and in particular, see it featured prominently in charts of ocean activists or water lovers. And while Sedna has similar solar system real estate has Neptune and Pluto, it has a different energy than watery Neptune or depth provoking Pluto provides.

Sedna empowers those who have been wronged…in many cases women or those in underrepresented or underserved communities. It evokes a sense of claiming of victimhood while moving into a powerful future. Because opposite in the sky it may be showing us to dig deeper and find love for the victimized or small parts.

This full moon also hangs out across from mercury next to Sedna so the awareness or thought process could become a way through the intensity or fear. The sextile to Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn signify a continuing power shift in structures.

Individual Integration: Physical // Intense physical movement helps to move the Scorpio energies...or sex works always.;)

Intellectual // This may not be intellectual, but watching Brene Brown's special on Netflix sure did wonders for my own Scorpio soul.

Emotional // Practice verbalizing vulnerability with others or being willing to uncover some harsh truths with yourself.

Spiritual // Scorpio is the sign of the soul, so rituals, things taboo are all in alignment.

Astro Eye: Venus conjunct Uranus :: awakening new forms of love or romantic restlessness Mars trine Black Moon Lilith :: taking action on something you desire freedom from

Mercury trine Pluto :: vulnerability, vulnerability, vulnerability


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