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Finding Peace through Rage :: Aries Full Moon


Sunday, October 13 @ 2:08 p.m. PT/5:08 p.m. ET *Conjunct Eris

*Square Astraea

*Square Pluto

*Trine Jupiter

Plant Partners: Nettle, Vitex, Ginger

Keywords/Themes/Unconscious needs: Inspiration, independence, protector, action-oriented, self, ambition, samurai, action, will, achievement, yang, violence, movement, competition, action, energy, momentum, initiate, vitality, enthusiasm, competition, irritation, inspiration, annoyance, impatience, discord

Elevated Expressions: Enthusiasm, ambition, optimistic, passionate, process emotions quickly, courageous

Detrimental/Shadow Expressions: Bored easily, dominating, compulsive, annoyed or irritated easily, impatient

Related Psychological Complexes/Concepts: Emotionally avoidant, anger management issues, compulsivity disorders

Collective unConscious:

I've said "I feel frustrated" at least seven times today so it's safe to say I am definitely feeling this Aries Full Moon. Though I have one natally and have described it as a constant low-level agitation at all times.;) It's a sign of movement and momentum that reminds us to take initiative on our transformation and healing. I speak for myself when it feels the caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly process seems constant right now. (Thanks Pluto.)

This fall, full moon is often referred to as the Hunter's Moon, the moon after the equinox that refers to the hunter's bounty of stocking up before winter. Aries hunts for purpose and inspiration, though can be a tricky sign for the moon, adding fire to the emotional field. During a full moon our instinctual emotional reaction or way of feeling can be exacerbated and with Aries it can be easily annoyed, being bored, or overly enthusiastic. Conversely we may find new inspiration or initiate something new in our lives before the more inward winter time for reflection.

Next to the moon sits Eris, the dwarf planet of the "shadow other" or our human habit of making enemies and the sense of not belonging. In mythology Eris is Aries' sister. Eris near this combination reminds us that we are deep in a collective awakening of our shadow other. The parts of us that we have disowned and projected onto others as well as groups of people. The outsider identity of this archetype helps us remember that we are in fact all “others” in some way whether obvious or not.

The moon and sun form a grand cross, or major tension nexus, with Pluto and Astraea and suggests a pull between wanting things to pretty and the "unpretty" lingering below the surface with Pluto that may become how we are seen. Pluto cultivates chaos and Astraea craves peace, in opposition this push and pull may become even more obvious. The two meet in truth that is both vulnerable and acts as a bridge between self and others. With Pluto we may feel a purge of emotions or Astraea's desire to keep the peace or still be seen as nice.

In general, this full moon could feel like an internal and external tug-o-war--Aries does like wars and Eris enjoys a good tug.;) Find balance during this completion phase by honoring anger and the sacred rage that accompanies transformation and new beginnings.

Rituals for Individual Integration: Earth element // Rage dance or other movement for releasing energy

Air element // A helpful mantra could be "I find harmony through honoring my sacred rage."

Water element // Notice anger and annoyance triggers as they point to shadow projection

Fire element // Ignite or initiate purpose through goal setting or brainstorming

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