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Pride & Presence :: Leo Full Moon


Saturday, February 8 @ 11:33 p.m. PT & February 9 @ 2:33 a.m. ET *square Vesta

*sextile Juno

Keywords/Themes/Unconscious needs: Pride, vitality, confidence, drama, performer, individuation, identity, potential, center of attention, self-expression, romance

Elevated Expressions: Entertainer, playful, self-expressed, creativity

Detrimental/Shadow Expressions: Dramatic, insecure, self-involved, needing to be center of attention

Collective unConscious:

Leo navigates the very human question of what constitutes a “healthy ego,” one that is confident, but not overly self-involved. In its most beautiful expressions, it is playful and creative and when in its shadow side can be emotionally self-involved or dramatic. In its most shiny self, Leo shows us what lights us up or sparks excitement. It reminds us to stay centered in ourselves while still staying present with others.

Like all signs, Leo has both its shadow and elevated expressions and with a Leo full moon we often tap into the unconscious or painful ways we don't feel seen or heard. The more positive, integrated expression could be us gaining a new sense of courage and confidence in our abilities and gifts we bring to the world. In my case, I was definitely struggling a lot the week before around themes of not being seen and being overlooked until I remembered the shadow of Leo is craving outside confirmation instead of cultivating inner strength. I was spending too much time looking at what was happening outside of myself and feeling small, instead of looking inside and feeling seen by myself.

Where we want attention often where we crave connection, Leo teaches us that. It reminds us to take pride in what we do and seek presence with ourselves and others rather than being pulled into our own drama.


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