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Purity & Perfectionism :: Virgo Full Moon


Monday, March 9, 2020 @ 10:48 a.m. PST/1:48 p.m. EST *opposite Neptune

*trine Pallas Athene

*trine Mars

*trine Jupiter

Keywords/Themes: routines, analytical thinking, day-to-day life, organizing, health, food, plant life, self-improvement, wholeness, purification, cleansing, detoxification

Elevated Expressions: curious about emotions, grounded, problem solving,

Detrimental/Shadow Expressions: critical, perfectionism, worry wart, know-it-all



The Virgo full moon before the spring equinox, called Full Worm Moon, beckons us into thinking about our health--or that could be the corona-virus. Often misunderstood, Virgo energy may be experienced as being critical or overly concerned with details while it actually craves problem solving and efficiency. Symbolically it is a woman or virgin...someone unmarried and whole unto oneself. Our sense of wholeness and completion becomes paramount with Virgo...though I see it myself in buying too many plants and obsessively organizing my closet.

Virgo, ruled by analytically minded Mercury and appreciates clarity in thought, word, and deed. An Earth sign we can rely on Virgo vibes to help us check things off the to-do list as long as it involves productivity and planning. Emotionally, Virgo can be overly analytical and less feeling...if your brain is spinning there may be some emotion that needs attention.

Opposite Neptune, this full moon has a dreamy or perhaps disillusionment quality for grounding us into our wholeness. The trines to Pallas, Mars, and Jupiter may offer gifts of openness, curiosity and purpose.



Questions to consider:

  • Where and when do I notice my inner critic?

  • What is my own story of losing “virginity” or returning to wholeness?

  • Where and how do I experience creative flow states?

  • What areas of life do you live in fantasy or lack focus?

Ritual ideas:

  • Take a bath with the intent to purify or release anything that needs completion, watch the water drain or perhaps save some of it to nourish a plant near your home.

  • Create your own detoxification process, it can be with food or processing emotions.

  • Attend a meditation event or yoga class, or create your own outside near a favorite tree (bonus points if you figure out what kind it is)

  • Create an herbal infusion or learn more about herbalist techniques and how you can incorporate them into your life (Virgo energy loves botany)!

  • Take time to daydream and notice where your brain goes…is it pleasure, planning, or halting? Journal about it.

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