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Benefits of Soul-Centered Astrology Readings

Every now and then I read yet another astrological critique, often powered by a misunderstanding generated by pop astrology and horoscopes. As an astrologer for more than 14 years, I'm no stranger to the suspicion...I used to be a skeptic myself. Now these articles tend to light a fire in me, a reminder that the work I do makes an impact and can be such an incredible tool for self-intimacy when used in combination with paradox, wisdom, and context.

Perhaps a differentiating factor could be soul-centered astrology rather than pop astrology. Sure focusing on horoscopes and stereotypes can be fun and playful way to first orient to astrology, but without a deepening it also sometimes feels harmful. Particularly when personality stereotypes supersede getting to know someone. Geminis can be two-faced, or their complexity can also be holding paradox. Scorpios might be secretive but other parts of their chart might suggest an openness.

Rather, soul-centered astrology focuses on depth and prioritizes the inner world and complexity. For me, this equates to self-intimacy, a deepening into what is unknown. Finding meaningful synchronicity in the cosmos rather than over-generalized predictions without acknowledgment of how we are.

At its best I believe astrology bridges:

  • above and below

  • individual and collective

  • soul and spirit

  • Earthly and etheric

  • conscious and unconscious

I can't speak for all astrologers, but the benefits I want for my clients extend more into empowerment and improving relationships rather than generic zodiac sign explanations. I witness on a daily basis the transformational capacity of this system when used in a relational and empowering context. For me this is our greatest life's work, to become who we were meant to be, to integrate our parts, and become more conscious--or as Jung would say individuate, or Erich Neumann as centroverison, or the alchemists to get to gold. I use a symbol for me of Centro version--Venus rose--with the esoteric symbol for above and below and the Sun/gold symbol.


So after more than a decade of working with clients and seeing charts, here are some of benefits I have seen, particularly with a more soul-centered astrological approach:

1. Self-Discovery & Self-Intimacy:

Your birth chart, a map of the heavens at the exact moment you were born, is a unique blueprint of your potential. An astrology reading can shed light on your core strengths, hidden talents, and even potential challenges. By understanding these aspects, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, aligning your actions with your authentic self. Perhaps even more importantly understanding the archetypal influences at any given time and how they move through us.

  • Enhance self-acceptance

  • Identify archetypal influences

  • Understand core strengths

  • Work with potential challenges and opportunities

  • Increase awareness around often unconscious psychological complexes or "parts"

  • Shadow work

2. Navigate Life Transitions:

Life throws curve balls. Astrology readings can offer guidance during times of change, helping you understand the astrological influences at play. Whether you're facing a career shift, a relationship crossroads, or a period of personal transformation, an astrologer can provide insights on potential opportunities and challenges, empowering you to navigate these transitions with greater clarity. The various timing techniques can help with this in understanding how and when we may experience shifts.

  • Create context for current lessons

  • Navigate life challenges

  • Discern astrological timing influences

  • Aligning with opportunities and timing for most benefit

  • Understanding lessons with clarity

  • How location impacts experience (astrocartography/astromapping)

3. Understand Relationships:

Relationships are a complex dance. Astrology can help you gain a deeper understanding of your communication style, emotional needs, and compatibility with others. By analyzing your birth chart and that of your partner, friend, or family member, you can develop a more empathetic approach to your interactions and navigate relationships with greater ease. Of course this extends far beyond sun signs and into the entire chart and different relationship dynamics can often be studied through methods that can help us shed light on what parts of ourselves get activated by others.

  • Understand others

  • Increase empathy

  • Improve communication

  • Build compatibility

4. Unlock Your Potential & Purpose:

We all have hidden talents and untapped potential. An astrology reading can illuminate areas in your chart that indicate your natural gifts and strengths. This newfound awareness can empower you to pursue your passions, explore new possibilities, and ultimately, live a more fulfilling life. Or perhaps finding inspiration when things feel stuck or hopeless. A good astrologer can mirror these power places to increase self-confidence.

  • Uncover life purpose

  • Find inspiration

  • Career alignment

  • Integrate Golden Shadow

5. Pathway for Empowerment:

Astrology is not about predetermination. It's a tool for self-awareness and empowerment. By understanding your astrological blueprint, you gain a deeper perspective on your life journey. You can then leverage the wisdom of the stars to make informed decisions, align yourself with favorable planetary cycles, and ultimately, co-create the life you desire. And in many cases find self-acceptance and empathy for tender parts.

  • Informed decision making

  • Boost confidence

  • Alignment with potential and phases

  • Catalyst for self-awareness

6. Cultivate Cosmic Connection

For many people, astrology fosters a connection to something larger than themselves. It can spark curiosity about the universe and our place within it. This connection can be a source of comfort, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than our individual lives.

  • Perceive place within the whole

  • Gain perspective and larger vision

  • Foster belonging with cosmic and collective community

  • Enchantment with universe


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