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San Francisco Astrological Society "Ceres and Self-Parenting"

SFAS lecture Rebecca Farrar

While I've written several posts on Ceres the past several years--I am excited to be doing a lecture with the San Francisco Astrological Society on the archetype and astrological implications in the natal chart. On Thursday, August 31 from 6-8 p.m. PST online with Zoom.

Here is description:

Core aspects of attachment theory center around emotional attunement and nourishment — archetypes which I associate with the Moon and Ceres, respectively. While the Moon in our charts showcases needs and emotional balancing, Ceres focuses on the ways we can nurture ourselves. This is where the chart comes in as giving us clues to our soul’s patterning that feel most natural to us and how we can evolve and heal through the natal chart. Integrating these two archetypes of attachment can be a lifelong journey, but understanding even slightly more about them can provide the self-parenting we all crave.

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