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How to Win the Heart of a Taurus


A lover who keeps you in kisses, books, plant-based food and earth stones.-Yrsa Daley-Ward

While I don’t know this poet personally, I am certain he was speaking on behalf of Tauruses everywhere. Right now with the Sun (for a few more days), Mercury (almost out of retrograde), and Venus in Taurus, I think we could all use a deeper understanding of Taurus energy. As an astrologer I’m usually don’t promote becoming too identified with sun signs as there is so much complexity to be found in our birth charts beyond sun placement; however, I do love being a Taurus.

A pleasure-seeker and lover at heart, Tauruses tend to be affectionate, kind, and reliable. (Ask any of my friends, I’m always the first to show up at their birthday party.) An Earth sign, it is ruled by the planet Venus of love, beauty, and relationships. However, the Venusian qualities of Taurus are different than fellow Venus ruled, air sign Libra. While Taurus tends to love in a sensual and down-to-Earth manner, Libra may like the idea or the fantasy of love more. As a Taurus, I want to feel you next to me. I want to smell your skin and taste your lips, to run my fingers over your skin softly and soak in your beauty. I want to listen to your heart beat while I rest my head on your chest and you whisper poems into my ear.

As much as I deny it, I’m a romantic at heart and love to love. To be a Taurus means I fall in love over food and candlelight, while you let me talk about my favorite flowers and bubble baths. And if while we eat, you lean for a kiss, then I’m possibly yours for life. That’s the other thing, touch and kiss a Taurus more than seems appropriate and she will light up your life. Without touch and attention we wither and wilt like a flower without sunshine. In relationships I crave security and if I love you, I will want to build something with you, whether it be a home or a garden, as long as it is something I touch and hold on to. And as difficult as it is to admit…I like to own things, and possibly you. Unfortunately, Tauruses can have a materialism that I can’t seem to escape — luxury and beautiful things make me uncomfortably happy.

Though I love the finer things in life, I am equally happy at a five-star resort as I am camping in the middle of nowhere — and I have a wonderful rock collection on my expensive designer nightstand to prove it. I want to cuddle with you in the park with my toes in the grass, while we feed each other strawberries.

Though I should warn you about the famous Taurus stubbornness and bull-headed nature. Once I make up my mind about something I stick to it and will argue about it for any length of time. Though if you are willing to put up with my righteousness and possessiveness, I’m also patient and kind, and will love you with a groundedness and steadiness that may scare you. I have a slow burning love and often prefer to skip the intensity of beginnings and instead yearn for the stable, soft love where I have your different laughs memorized. To the part where you know that I get grumpy at 3:00 every day and you know to bring me a snack. I look forward to the part where we hold hands on our way to our grandchild’s 3rd birthday party. To the part where I can feel your heart in every kiss and touch because it has felt the same way for the past 50 years.

Though it’s not difficult to win the heart of a Taurus — only kisses, food, and touch — the larger challenge is whether or not you have the courage to handle that much love.

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