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Soul-care & Shadow Work :: Scorpio Full Moon



Sunday, April 25

5:58 p.m. PT/8:57 p.m. ET/12:57 a.m. UTC

  • Square Ceres

  • Square North & South Node

Keywords/Themes/EQ: Self-parent, will, wildness, power, truth, transmutation, soul journey, life lessons, unmet needs, attachment needs, hiding emotions, vulnerability, shadow work, shame, guilt

Myth Medicine: Ceres & Persephone, Inanna

Collective energies:

This weekend is full of powerful astrological energies in addition to the full moon. While I do my best not to “blame” planets for how I feel, it is certainly a weekend to be gentle and extra aware of our shadows and projections.

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is the sign of the mystic and underworld, and is the sign of the zodiac you definitely don’t want to mess with. Pluto and Scorpio Moon energies may bring up feelings of shame, guilt, obsession, or a desire to hide. On a good day it helps us come into contact with our own shadow or places we may not want to see and beckons us into vulnerability. Brene Brown is a prime example of a Scorpio honing her powers of vulnerability.

With the current Mars-Pluto conjunction of the past few days as well as current Pluto Retrograde (link on retrogrades), there is a lot of Scorpio/Pluto energy in the air. Pay attention to conflict or the high energy can be used for regeneration and transmutation. This combination is common with boxers and athletes as it is a physical source of raw power, though in its emotional form may evoke rage or a sense of feeling out of control or beyond one's own will.

This full moon’s square to Ceres and the North and South Nodes remind us we could be pulled back into old, unconscious patterns of relating or what we think we “should” do. Focus on your own version of self-parenting, what do you really need that it often feels others can’t help with? Need inspo…read post on Ceres.

My top tips: Stay diligent and slow down to feel what needs to be felt, focus on some good ol’ fashioned shadow work.

Questions to consider:

-How/where do I hide from myself and others?

-What is my relationship to my own shadow?

-How do I project the things I don’t like about myself onto others?


-Some good ol’ fashioned shadow work great if guided by a therapist or someone well-versed in depth psychology. (Jung coined the term “shadow” and his model of the psyche works well for uncovering it.)

-Clean out metaphorical or actual closets, peer into corners and dark places that haven’t seen light in a while

-Do something physical, such as dancing or sex where there is a delicate balance between surrender and control

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