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New Moon Kiss


“But even when the moon looks like it's's actually never changing shape. Don't ever forget that.” -Ai Yazawa

The new moon is a union, a moment of sacred marriage between the Sun (spirit) and Moon (soul). In alchemy, this action was considered a "coniunctio" or conjunction where two chemicals created a third. Psychologically the coniunctio represents  opposites coming together or in this case the conscious and unconscious that creates wholeness and something entirely new.


Each new moon kiss and new lunar month (or just a month if we are referring to the Hebrew calendar) begins a new cycle of soul and psyche, and also self. 


It is a time for seed planting, but even more so for curiosity about how and when our inner and outer selves meet. During the new moon I recommend different ways to attune to the moon both personally and collectively. I suggest setting intentions, questions to consider, and also an Earthly element to connect with for the new cycle. 






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